Job Descriptions for Human Resources

Curious as to what exactly you’d be doing in any of the various human resources careers? Let this job description for human resources, be your guide when searching for the ideal human resources job. You can specialize in a whole lot of fields within the HR career. Regardless of where you end up, you’re always going […]

Job Description for Zonal Accountant

Whether you’re a college graduate struggling to find your first job or an experienced professional looking to scale the managerial ladder, landing your ideal job can be a stressful. One of the main reasons why so many people get it wrong is not knowing what their ideal job entails so below we have provided a […]

GM Application – General Motors Employment Guide

General Motors is a car manufacturer located in the US, with factories and machine plants located in various states, including Ohio and Michigan. With a large customer base and expanding car lines, opportunities are always available for employment and career growth. While there is always the possibility of a new plant opening up, the chances […]

Ford Application – Ford Employment Guide

Ford is a company in America that develops and sells automobiles. One of the first companies in the US to make cars, they have grown into a global giant that produces millions of cars every year. Originally founded in Detroit, Michigan, Ford has factories all across the nation in various states. Many of their positions […]

ACIPCO Job Application Guide

The American Cast Iron Pipe Company, known more commonly as ACIPCO for short, is one of the most popular places for job applications. Renowned for looking after its employees, ACIPCO offers recruitment opportunities in several different divisions, and also offers apprenticeship chances too. To give a clearer idea of what ACIPCO does, it runs one […]

Job Description of QC (Quality Control) Inspector

After a product is created, quality control inspectors examine it to ensure that it meets manufacturer specifications and client expectations. Qualifications and working conditions vary by industry and business size. Duties According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, quality control inspectors study specifications, plans, and blueprints to determine the standards that they must check. They […]

Best Fast Food Restaurant Jobs in Canada

There is no doubt that the fast food industry in Canada is successful. This is one reason some Canadians look to this industry for a job. There is no need to worry about competition, especially since Canada just reduced foreign competition in this sector. The following are just some of the most popular or interesting fast […]

Senior Pastor Job Description: Duties, Future, and Salary

A senior pastor is a person that leads the church. He must have a master’s degree in divinity. He should have experience as an associate pastor with five years’ preaching experience. Senior Pastor Job Duties In Portraits of a Pastor by Jason K. Allen and Jared C. Wilson, the authors said, “This…and it centers as […]

Best Fast Food Restaurant Jobs for 15 Year Olds in 2018

Getting a job as a 15 year old is no easy task. Some districts require minors to obtain a permit that allows them to work. Working in a fast food restaurant is one of the best entry level jobs for 15 year olds, or anyone for that matter. Employees in restaurants are often cross-trained and […]

Best Retail Jobs for 17 Year Old Teens in 2018

Your teen wants to work in retail. He is adamant that this is what he really wants to engage in for a part-time or seasonal job. Foodservice, walking dogs, and babysitting just don’t appeal to him or her. There are specific retail areas that he could really be successful in. Check out our list of […]