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    The great American drive-thru cannot be celebrated enough! And when it comes to doing it right, you know there’s no better name out there than Checkers. Fantastic food, sublime service and a workforce that’s proud to be with one of America’s most recognized and celebrated brands – all things that the Checkers name screams. All it could take for you to join the team is to fill out a Checkers application form, and to want to start a career that could take you further than you’ve ever imagined! So whether your passion lies in creating and serving the best burgers out there or if you simply love bringing smiles to your customers’ faces, your Checkers application really could set you on the path to something incredible.

    Checkers Job Application Online

    Great news! You can complete a Checkers application online from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. The application process is one of the most user-friendly you’ll come across. Most applicants filling out their first Checkers application are interested in joining the company at an entry-level, as it’s a really great place to get your very first job. As far as the actual application goes, simply head over to the careers section of the Checkers website – – and click on the appropriate option. Hit the ‘Restaurant Opportunities’ button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can select team member, shift manager, and even store manager roles.

    checkers application

    You’ll be asked to register before being able to complete your Checkers application, but this doesn’t take long and is totally secure. And since your details are saved, if you want to apply to more than one job, having a preregistered account makes it so much faster and easier!

    Successful applicants will be invited to the store of their choosing for at least one face-to-face interview, at which point you may be asked to participate in a little on-the-job experience to see how you fit in.

    Checkers Careers And Income

    If you join at team member level then you will, for all intents and purposes, be the most important asset the company as a whole has. Duties range from greeting customers on arrival, taking orders, handling cash, housekeeping – generally anything that keeps the store running. Minimum wage is usually paid upon starting, though frequent pay reviews are carried out for those that prove themselves to be a cut above the rest.

    The role of cook is also considered entry-level and again is just as important as any other team member. Along with filling orders and creating tasty meals, the cooks are in charge of essential housekeeping and stock control. Minimum wage is again paid at first, but is reviewed regularly.

    As for management, the sky’s well and truly the limit for those with the right stuff. Should your Checkers job application for management be accepted, you’ll find yourself looking after every element of each shift, including staff deployment, shift organization, strict quality control, and budget management. Managers can start at around $18,700 and go up to $50,000 or more for those in a senior level.

    Apply At Checkers – Basic Advice

    You need to make it very clear in your Checkers job application form that you’re more than just a robot. Anyone can take and fill orders, but it takes a special kind of person to make the whole process an absolute joy for customers, and one they’ll come back to time and time again.

    Even if you yourself do not drive, it’s important to see first-hand how things work at a busy Checkers location. Be sure to head down to at least one or two locations prior to completing your Checkers application online form as this will help you greatly in knowing precisely what they’re looking for.  

    Apply At Checkers – Advanced Tips

    You’ll be expected to understand the brand and why it isn’t just another fast food chain. How is Checkers different from the competition? You might not need to put this kind of detail in your Checkers employment application, but you will certainly be quizzed on it during your interview. Be prepared.

    Even if this is to be your first job, take along a CV when you’re called in for an interview. You may have no specific experience or qualifications, but you can always use the CV to document traits, experiences and achievements that help prove you are the right person for the job.

    Checkers Benefits

    Along with excellent pay and invaluable discounts on menu items, successful Checkers applicants will also have access to a variety of benefits including health and dental coverage, paid sick leave, flexible working hours, retirement options and in some cases, paid vacation.

    Things To Know About Checkers

    Checkers was founded back in 1986 with a single drive-thru in Alabama. Today, the chain operates no less than 800 locations all over the US.

    It is the largest chain of its kind in the country.

    Checkers is fiercely dedicated to promoting from within, which means that even an entry-level Checkers application form could lead to a career of the highest caliber.

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