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    What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Sonic Drive-Ins?  Servers that skate up to your car to take your order or serve your food is the most common answer. If you are good at skating and want to work with your skates tied on, this is a great time to submit your Sonic online application! Of course, if skating is not your forté, Sonic has other jobs that require no skating skills at all. These days, the gigantic nationwide chain of Sonic outlets serves no less than 3 million customers every single day. It is little surprise to learn that the Sonic application form is always available and that Sonic careers can be some of the most rewarding and secure imaginable. It’s about so much more than fast food with Sonic – it’s about delivering an experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

    Sonic Application

    Sonic Job Application Online

    The good news about the Sonic application process is that most of the work can be done online and is relatively simple. In order to find currently open positions, applicants must first head over to the website to search by job type, followed by entering their zip code. If you are interested in working at the corporate office, you have a choice of working at the Oklahoma City headquarters or a “field based” location, which is usually a construction site and only the state location is offered. Once you choose the position that interests you, a pop-up box will open to describe the job and qualifications needed.

    Before starting your Sonic application, you will be asked to set up an account, which is easy to do and takes just a few minutes. Once your account is active, you will be able to save your details for next time around, making any future Sonic online applications faster and easier.

    Sonic Careers and Income

    Diversity is the name of the game at Sonic and it’s safe to say there’s a perfect role for everyone. What’s more, the vast majority of positions are considered entry-level roles and don’t necessarily demand any specific experience or qualifications – Sonic is the perfect place to apply for your first job. And by the way, only the carhops are required to wear skates!

    Crew members make up the largest share of positions and are responsible for the majority of everyday tasks that keep the Sonic experience alive and kicking. Use the Sonic application online to join your nearest Sonic Drive-In. Salary varies in accordance with age and experience, though hourly rates are generally above industry minimums, and some roles will also bring in tips.

    Of course, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a whiz on wheels, you can also apply for the roll of skating carhop and become one of the iconic servers that have made Sonic world famous. You’ll of course need to be extremely confident and outgoing, not to mention be able to handle yourself on a pair of skates while carrying orders.

    Depending on your education, experience and qualifications, you may also be able to fill out a Sonic application form to jump straight into a management or corporate office position. Sonic’s corporate office also has openings for interns in various departments. You must be in your junior or senior year and have at least a 3.25 GPA to be considered.

    Management careers with Sonic are simply exploding with potential as the business has never been stronger, nor has its future been brighter.

    Apply At Sonic – Basic Advice

    It goes without saying that food is only part of the story at Sonic. What’s made the brand so famous is its uniquely diverse and dynamic way of doing business – you can feel a buzz in the air before you even walk in the door! As such, for a Sonic job application to be successful, you need to get across the fact you will fit in with this kind of environment and contribute to the buzz – this restaurant is not a place for shy guys/girls!

    Sonic is a brand that is heavily committed to promoting from within, so chances are that no matter what level you begin at, you’ll have every chance to progress. If you are interested in making Sonic a career, communicate your motivation and ambition at every available opportunity including on your Sonic employment application.

    It is 100% impossible to sell yourself as the right person for the job unless you actually know what goes on at a busy Sonic location. Take the time – maybe a few times – to pay a visit and take note of what goes on around you, as this will help when it comes to your interview.

    Apply At Sonic – Advanced Tips

    If you are planning to apply at management level, it’s never a bad idea to get in touch with the Sonic location you’re interested in and arrange a meeting with current staff and management.

    When you are invited in for an interview, be sure to bring along paper copies of both your CV and your application – there’s a good chance you’ll be asked questions on both, so you might need them for reference.

    Don’t limit yourself to completing a Sonic job application form for a single role. If you really want to get a foot in the door with the company, there’s nothing stopping you from greatly increasing your chances by applying for two, or even ten jobs at the same time – assuming of course you’re qualified for them.

    Sonic Benefits

    Some would argue that working for Sonic is a pure and simple benefit in its own right. However, on top of world-class training, competitive pay and the kind of job security that’s getting rarer by the day, Sonic also offers discounts on products, flexible working hours, paid sick leave and a variety of health and retirement options.

    Things to Know About Sonic

    Many Sonic locations are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so if you make yourself flexible you stand a much better chance of your Sonic application online form being successful.

    A successful application for Sonic employment means joining a business that serves around 3 million people every day and is still growing – it’s a brand that means business and needs recruits of a higher caliber.

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