Google Job Application

    At a time when Google LLC is booming the most, there has never been a better time to know the ins and outs of the Google job application procedure.

    Google is a tech company specializing in online advertising, cloud computing, software & hardware, and all-other-manner of internet related services. Because of its huge success, Google has come to be known as “the internet”. It has also been named as one of the Big Four Tech companies alongside other industry pacesetters such as Amazon and Apple. Unknown to many, there are thousands of Google jobs that are waiting to be filled. Do you want to apply today? Read on to find out how to go about it.

    Google Job Application

    What jobs does Google offer?

    Google offers numerous job positions in different categories such as:

    Engineering and Technology

    If you are a qualified engineer with a passion for tackling hard problems in the tech dimension, you can apply for a job at Google as a Software Engineer, Product Manager, Sales Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Technical Solutions Engineer, Technical Writer, and Network Deployment Engineer.

    Marketing and Communication

    Google offers marketing and communications specialists several job positions such as Copywriter, Creative designer, Events Planner, and Analyst.

    Sales, Service, and Support

    To turn innovative ideas into ideal customer solutions, Google offers sales, service, and support gurus various job positions such as Account Manager, Trainer, and Program Manager.


    Google relies heavily on designers to create intuitive, beautiful products centered around the needs of the client. Some of the design jobs offered include Quantitative UX Researcher, Visual Designer, Motion Designer, and Content Strategist.

    Business Strategy

    Google’s success has been as a result of well-thought-of business strategies and ideas. Job positions offered in this category include strategy and operations, analyst, and program manager.


    Google relies on a qualified finance team for forecasts, project management, accounting manager, and compliance. Some of the job positions offered here include Accountant, Operations & Services, and auditor.


    The HR department at Google offers several job opportunities such as Program Manager, Administrative Support Expert, Recruiter, and HR Business Partner.


    Job positions offered in the facilities department include Real Estate Project Executive, Facility Manager, Security Technology Manager, Transportation Analytics & Insights Manager, and Global Kitchen Design Manager.


    Google’s legal team is responsible for aligning the company with the ever-changing industry laws and policies. Some of the job positions for this role include Policy Specialist, Administrative Business Partner (Legal), Policy Enforcement Manager (Trust and Safety in different technologies such as Youtube), Associate Legal Counsel (in spaces like Google Cloud), and Government Affairs & Public Policy Analyst.

    How do you apply for a job at Google?

    After you have found the job at Google that matches your interests, all you have to do is click the apply button. Doing this will redirect you to a page where you have to sync your Google Account, write a cover letter, upload your resume, and fill in your contact, education & work experience details.

    Your job application is then evaluated by the recruiters for matching skills. If your skills do not match what they are looking for, your current skill-set will still be considered for future job opportunities.

    A first-time interview is then carried out through video conference, phone, or in person for the shortlisted candidates. This is followed by a subsequent in-person interview that leads to the successful hire of the ideal candidate.

    How do I get a job at Google with no experience?

    If you are a fresh out of college job seeker, Google has so many jobs that you can apply for. To be shortlisted, you must submit a resume showing all your educational qualifications so far, your university transcripts (unofficial transcripts are accepted), and your GPA. The resume should also align your skill-set to the roles of the job position applied for.

    Google job application interview questions

    For the technical careers, do not just walk into the interview room empty handed. You must be prepared to practice coding on Google Docs or White Board. For the applicants in the other categories, use real-life examples of how you have handled career-related problems in the past. Important to note, your interview answers must be well-structured, always showing how you arrive at a solution for a given problem.  Some of the questions to expect include:

    • Do you work best as an individual or as a team?
    • What professional challenges have you faced in the past? How did you handle them?
    • Which of your skills do you think will be most useful for this role and why?

    Is Google hiring from home?

    Google offers work-from-home jobs from time to time. You must, however, be careful of scams that use Google’s name and logo to post fake work-from-home jobs. All the jobs in this category are posted on their official channels so keep checking.

    How long does it take to get hired at Google?

    The Google hiring process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. The prolonged length of this hiring period is a deliberate effort to ensure that they only hire the best talent, especially for permanent positions. On average, Google receives over 2 million job applications annually.

    Can you get a job at Google with a Low GPA?

    You can still apply for a job at Google with a low GPA but the question is, will you be considered? Actually, the chances of being shortlisted or not are equal; it all depends on how clearly you communicate how you can help the company. Even with all the educational requirements in the world, you will not be considered for a job if your Google job application does not signal creativity and a passion for getting things done.