Everything you need to know about Honda Careers

    Honda Careers is one of the best places to look if you are looking for a rewarding job in areas such as Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Finance, Sales and Marketing, and Administration.

    Honda, known for being the largest motorcycle manufacturer since the 1950s, has over the years extended its production to other similarly popular setups such as Honda autos, Acura Autos, Honda Powersports, Honda Power equipment (such as Honda Generators), Honda Engines, Honda Marine, Honda Jet, and most recently, The Asimo (which is by far the most developed Humanoid Robot). The organization is always seeking to recruit visionaries who want to use their imagination, dreams, skills, and talent to transform the world.

    Honda Careers


    How to get hired at Honda

    You can view all the open job positions at Honda through the Honda open jobs page. Here, you can use the various filters to search for the preferred job position based on location, Job Field, Job Type, Job Schedule, and Job Level. You can also use the search button to search for jobs based on job industry-specific keywords, location, or organization. If a job position interests you, just click on it to see the application details. You can either kickstart the application right away by clicking the “Apply Online” button or add it to your Job Cart by clicking the “Add to My Job Cart” button.

    What are the Most Popular Honda Careers?

    The following are some of the popular Honda Careers that you can apply for right now:

    1. Interior Designer

    The Interior Designer at Honda is responsible for cabin and cockpit design including the seats, liners, and monuments. The ideal candidate must be knowledgeable in 3D modeling software (CATIA), load paths, structural analysis methods, material properties, structural analysis methods and have a degree in Aerospace, Mechanical or Civil Engineering.

    1. HR Generalist

    The general duties of an HR Generalist include personnel recruitment, training, addressing relations issues, supporting HR systems in the organization, handling payroll issues, coordination of leaves of absences, benefits administration, coordinating community outreach events, and so much more. Those seeking this position must have a degree in human resources and previous work experience in a manufacturing environment.

    1. Hybrid Electric Car Systems Engineer

    Job roles for this position include the development, analysis, testing, and hands-on assembly/disassembly of hybrid electric components and systems. Other roles might include benchmarking competitor products and writing & presenting reports to higher-level managers. The ideal candidate must have a degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering and have at least 1 year of work experience.

    1. Experimental Test Pilot

    If you are a pilot yet to land your first job, this is a job position you might want to take a look at. As an Experimental Test Pilot, you will be responsible for establishing, as well as maintaining basic test procedures for Honda Aircrafts. The two most important requirements for the position are 1500hrs PIC turbine aircraft time and previous experience in writing flight test reports.

    1. Software Developer

    The primary role of this position is to code, test, and debug new software or make enhancements to existing software. Those interested in this position must have previous work experience in software development plus a degree in a related field.

    Honda Careers for beginners

    Honda offers a range of student programs designed to give young professionals thorough work experience as they explore future job opportunities at the company.  All the job positions in this category can be viewed from the Careers Campus Recruiting Page.

    A popular Honda Entry Level Position is the Part-Time Office Assistant. The job responsibilities include compiling data to support projects, preparation of presentations, and assisting in departmental communications & coordination. Recent graduates and ongoing Students in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Marketing, Administration, and Management can be accommodated.

    How many facilities does Honda have?

    Honda has 29 major facilities. Some of them include the Anna, OH Engine Plant, the Chino, CA Call Center, the Davenport, IA Parts Center, the Raymond, OH R & D Center, Russells Point, OH Transmission Plant, the Pasadena, CA Advanced Styling Center, the Denver, CO Emissions Testing Lab, and the Greensburg, IN Automobile Plant.

    Honda Job Application Process

    If you possess the skills Honda recruiters are looking for, you will be contacted for a phone interview. You will then be prompted for a face to face interview if you pass the phone interview, and eventually be presented with a contract if you are successful.

    Honda Interview Questions

    Most of the Honda interview questions are situational and competence-based. They are designed to evaluate your ability to make quick decisions, work in a team, comply with guidelines, cope with pressure, as well as get to know you at a personal level.

    How much do Honda Employees Make?

    The average salary at Honda ranges from approximately $25000 annually for basic jobs such as receptionist to $175000 for higher-ranking jobs such as Automotive Service Manager. Here are the salaries for the most common Honda careers:

    Job PositionReported Salary
    Car Sales Executive>$80000 annually
    Automotive Service Manager>$175000 annually
    Automotive Technician>$17/hr
    Lube & Lot Attendant>$13/hr
    Honda careers for newbies>$10/hr