Job Description for Store Clerk

    In many ways, the job description for store clerks is a mission statement of what a store would like to provide the customer with in terms of shopping experience. They are the first ones to greet the customers and the last ones to see them out the door after they have made their purchases. They are the worker bees, the backbone to any successful franchise. It might not be the most glamorous job around, but it sure teaches you a great deal about customer service.

    Job Description for Store Clerk

    What do store clerks do?

    The job description for store clerks required them to be a Jack of all traits kind of person. They have a hand in everything from merchandising to customer care and financial duties. Here are a couple of the core duties that a store clerk would be expected to perform:

    • They need to operate the cash register for sales and provide change to customers.
    • They need to prepare and showcase new merchandise.
    • They need to distribute merchandise that was specifically ordered.
    • They need to direct customers to desired locations or items in the store as well as recommend accompanying or supplementary items.
    • Franchise clerks need to contact other branches to do stock queries for customers.
    • They need to organize inter-branch stock transfers for customers.
    • They need to place special orders (like books) that are not in stock from distributors.
    • They need to greet customers and ask for assistance.
    • They need to observe customers and determine if and when they need assistance.
    • They need to unpack new stock, restack and reorder the shelves.

    Do I need any qualifications?

    Fortunately, you don’t need any formal training to become a store clerk. Most stores or companies do, however, require at least a high school diploma. You will receive all your training on the job. Not any one store operates the same, not even stores from the same franchise. Every store has their own type of flair and way of doing things. This is not to say that your experience is all for naught when you apply at a different store. You still gain valuable experience at other stores and can apply general skills to the job.

    Furthermore, there are a couple of requirements that you need to have if you are to tick all the boxes of the job description for a store clerk. Firstly, all future employers will be looking to employ a person who is punctual and has excellent time management skills. This is often reflected in your work ethic, first in and last to leave type attitude. Previous customer relation experience is not a must, but it will go a long way in securing your position. Lastly, good interpersonal communication skills are vital. A would-be employer will immediately pick up if you have the skills or not during your interview.

    How much can i earn as a store clerk

    Are there any other skills that might be to my advantage?

    The job description of a store clerk is a wide one, and you need to be competent in a few areas. Basic computer literacy is a must nowadays. You need to be able to work with a computer and be competent in software like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. You also need to be able to operate a cash register and have fairly decent typing skills.

    In certain establishments, you might be required to do basic data entry and cataloging. Thus, an eye for detail is beneficial to your cause.

    How much will I earn?

    The job description for a store clerk does not require much formal training, so you can expect to earn a bit less on the pay scale. On average, store clerks get paid around $9.85 hourly. However, there is room for promotion, and if you prove yourself to be worthy, you might be promoted to a head cashier.

    More advanced promotions like store manager and assistant manager are also on the cards if you prove to be an asset to the company.

    However, compared to other jobs that do not require any formal training, store clerks do not earn a bad wage.