Job Description Retail Manager

    What exactly is the job description for a retail manager? Many people are unaware of the skill it takes to run a retail outlet successfully. Retail managers are in charge of the oversight of everything that relates to the outlet including sales, staff, stock and resource management.

    Job Description Retail Manager

    So, what is it that retail managers do?

    In short, the job description of a retail manager boils down to running a retail outlet. A successful retail manager has his finger on the pulse at all times. This means that he is constantly working on the floor and interacting with the customers and the staff. They have to ensure that their staff gives excellent customer service while also monitoring the financials of the store.

    On the safety side, the job description of journalists requires them to make sure that the shop adheres to health and safety regulations. At the end of the day, retail managers connect with head office and give account for the state of the particular shop.

    Specific retail manager duties include:

    • Recruiting, managing and training recruits for the job.
    • Completing store operational requirements by assigning and scheduling staff.
    • Monitoring staff task progress.
    • Maintaining staff discipline and taking disciplinary action for staff misconduct.
    • Maintaining the budgets of the shop and continually monitor the financial statistics and records.
    • Formulating pricing policies, running sales promotions and designing promotional displays.
    • Customer relations.
    • Handling any customer complaints and queries and ensuring that they have the best shopping experience.
    • Being aware of the levels of stock, pricing and doing regular stock control.
    • Ensuring that the shop is turning a profit.
    • Motivating the staff to reach financial goals.

    what do retail managers do?What do the prospects for advancement look like?

    The financial prospects of retail managers look quite good. Generally, their salaries, benefits, and rate of promotion look promising. Retail chains often offer the best financial packages and also come with the best chance at promotions. When you advance in a retail chain, however, you are often required to relocate.

    In retail, as in many other areas, money talks. If the retail outlet that is under your management does well, you are sure to be promoted sooner rather than later. It all depends on your quality of work and the amount of money that you can generate.

    Who are your prospective employers?

    Most retail stores have managers. If it is not someone who is appointed for the job, then the owner takes that responsibility. If you want to find out who is hiring, you can check out your local newspaper, online job postings or by browsing career services. Department stores, DIY stores, Chain Stores and Supermarkets are constantly looking for quality retail managers.

    What are the key skills retail managers need

    What qualifications do you need?

    Retail management is a field where university graduates and school leavers can find a job. However, most retailers require a degree in any field. If you have a degree in marketing or fashion, accounting or languages, your chances of landing the job increases. Degrees in business studies and management are also adventitious.

    Apart from your academic qualifications, your previous relevant experience in retail or sales are qualities that will set you apart from other candidates, especially when applying for a position in a major company. These companies often attract stern competition and experience often trumps theoretical knowledge.

    Being willing to start at the bottom as a sales clerk, even in a part-time position can provide you with equally valuable experience, seeing that you gain insights into the retail field.

    What are the key skills retail managers need?

    The job description of retail managers requires plenty of interaction with people, which is why interpersonal skills are at the top of the list. Accounting and IT skills are becoming ever more important as we progress in the digital age.

    Furthermore, the job description of a retail manager requires you to be able to rally a team and motivate them. You need to be enthusiastic and be willing to put in the extra hours. Being approachable and open makes customers and employees alike feel comfortable around you and creates trust.

    What pay are you looking at?

    Although the job comes with long hours, the pay makes up for it. Depending on the store, you can expect to get paid anything between $42 000 – $66 000 a year. If you feel you have what it takes and are comfortable with the job description of a retail manager, you are sure to make a success.