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    Macys ApplicationMacy’s Application – Macy’s Employment

    Macy’s began in New York but has since bought out department stores that were once Hudson’s of Detroit and Marshall Fields of Chicago. Filling out a Macy’s online application is a great first step toward a career with a growing, dominating department store chain that is widely popular and offers a great deal of variety in the retail responsibilities you will have. When you fill out a Macy’s application form, you are signing on to be part of a recognizable brand that is well-respected across the country.

    Macy’s Job Application Online

    Macy’s has its own website known as MacysJOBS specifically set up to offer career advice and information about any openings that may be available in your area. Simply click the opportunities button at the top of the page to learn more about the different positions that are available at Macy’s. Once you’re ready, click on the Apply button in the same menu to fill out an application. In order to protect the personal data that is necessary for this process, you will need to create a password-protected account before you start your application.

    Macy’s Careers And Income

    There are various employment levels that you can select when you fill out a Macy’s job application form. Basic categories include merchant, corporate, field and retail. Most who apply will be applying at the retail level, where they will interact with customers and maintain sales. Field positions include those that develop advertising campaigns, sales strategies, and anything else the chain might need to run smoothly. Corporate support positions largely focus on office jobs, though there is a strong need for IT and project leadership as well. Finally, merchants will be responsible for acquiring the goods that Macy’s sells. There is a great deal of variety so when you fill out a Macy’s application online form, it is important to consider where your skills may fit best.

    Sales associates at Macy’s typically make $8-9 an hour based on experience and store location. More advanced positions, such as loss prevention officers, can see salaries starting at $10 an hour. Management positions can typically bring in between $35,000-70,000 annually, which is again based on experience and location.

    Apply At Macy’s – Basic Advice

    Macy’s application online process is very thorough, so you are encouraged to take your time and fill out each portion carefully. There are plenty of career opportunities for those who lack experience, but much of the benefit of filling out a Macy’s job application is the growth and relationships you will develop while working there. One store can employ dozens of people depending on the size, so it is important that you can work well with others, and it is also essential that you can work without much supervision during large sale events or when others are busy.

    Apply At Macy’s – Advanced Tips

    If you fill out a Macy’s application for a location that has other Macy’s outlets nearby, you may be asked to transfer to these stores. These transfers can be temporary or permanent based on the needs of the store. Managers may be swapped during training or major sales events, so it is important to be flexible. Managers will also be asked to work long hours to manage sales and oversee operations, so when you fill out a Macy’s employment application, it is important to note your work schedule so you can be placed into a position where you will be able to work efficiently.

    Macy’s Benefits

    You can review the benefits page at MacysJOBS before you fill out your Macy’s application. Macy’s offers flexible spending accounts for health care, retirement spending plans, access to medical and dental insurance and access to the Live Healthy program’ which helps people improve their health and prevent accidents while on the job.

    Long-term Macy’s careers will also make you eligible for paid time off, flexible scheduling, leave of absence, leave sharing, adoption and tuition assistance, community service opportunities and commuter benefits to make your job more convenient.

    Things To Know About Macy’s

    Macy’s has been rated the most innovative employer of 2013 and is constantly working to improve their working environment. An application for Macy’s could include volunteer work for the many charities that Macy’s has partnered with as well as e-commerce or military benefits for those that are eligible. There is a fast-track for military veterans, which is used as a way to give back to the community as well.

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