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Marketing Yourself

    Marketing Yourself

    If you want to land a job in today’s competitive job market, marketing yourself is extremely important. You have to present yourself in such a manner that employers are compelled to hire you. With so many people vying for the same job, it is essential that you make the employer realize what you have to offer him and why your talents are worth more to him than the other applicants’. However, most people today do not know how to effectively market themselves, which is one of the reasons they are unable to get hired even while having all the required skills. The following are some tips that you can use to market yourself effectively.

    marketing yourself

    Identify Your Plus Points

    Each person has their interests and plus points, something that they are better at than most people. Identifying these areas or fields is extremely important when you are trying to market yourself. This helps you project yourself in a better light to employers and make them believe that you walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Employers like to know what the applicant is capable of and if you can tell them exactly that, they become more inclined to hire you. To identify your plus points, you will have to review yourself and try to figure out what sparks your interest and excites you. If you are not able to identify these on your own, consult your colleagues – they will be able to tell you about your strong points as well.

    Focus on Your Strengths

    In order to market yourself effectively, you will have to focus on your strengths – not only in your resume, but also in your interviews. When writing your resume, emphasize the skills and talents in which you excel. However, make sure that the skills you mention are useful to the job you’re applying to and tailor your resume from there. During the interviews as well, try to send across the message that you are the right person for the job as you possess the skills and the abilities to help you take the company forward. The more assertive you are about your strengths and how they can help the company, the higher your chances of getting hired will be.


    In the technology-crazy world we live in, socializing has become a common way to network. You can build your reputation via social media. Nowadays, employers are likely to review applicants’ social media profiles before hiring them, so it is necessary to market yourself and stay professional on these sites. Build your profile the same way as your resume and highlight your strengths. This is crucial because the employer is most likely to compare the resume with your profile and try to see if they match. Other than social media, online groups are another avenue where you can build your reputation. These groups are a place for like-minded people who share the same strengths and interests and not only can you learn a lot form them, but you can earn leads and communicate with potential employers as well.

    Groom Your Personality

    Even though your resume will play an important part in getting an interview, the only thing that can land you the job is you. Remember that people get jobs, not the resume. Try to become more friendly and confident when speaking with interviewers. You must come across as a confident person who knows their strengths and goals in life. Moreover, go to interviews wearing professional attire. The more elegantly dressed you are, the more impact you will have on the employer and the better you will be able to market yourself. In addition to this, ask as many questions as you want. Don’t come off as a shy person who is reluctant to ask questions. All throughout the interview, stress the fact that you are willing to work hard for the employer and have all the credentials that are required for the job.

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