Nutrition Jobs- Career guide for nutritionists and other food enthusiasts

    Nutrition jobs cover a wide scope of food-related careers ranging from food writers & food blog/vlog managers to professional chefs & nutritionists. Interested in pursuing a food-related career? This is just the perfect read for you!

    What does it mean to be a Nutritionist?

    Nutrition Jobs

    A nutritionist is a person driven by the passion for food to educate others on matters related to food and the impact it has on their health. The recognized areas of specialization include public health, animal nutrition, sports nutrition, and many others. A Nutritionist can also prepare diet plan e-books / books for the general public.

    Is a nutritionist and a dietician the same thing?

    The answer to this question is no. While anyone can claim to be a nutritionist without any professional license or training whatsoever, you must have a professional license, a certificate of professional practice, and a minimum educational requirement of a Bachelors Degree to be recognized as a dietician.

    How do you become a nutritionist?

    Yes. You can become a self-made nutritionist. But, who are we fooling? Pursuing a degree in Nutrition earns you the right to claim this prestigious title.

    A degree in nutrition gives you the knowledge required for virtually all nutrition jobs, not to mention that it is a requirement by most states for anyone who wishes to be a licensed practitioner.

    You can also become a nutritionist by pursuing other nutrition-related degrees such as Food Science, Clinical Nutrition Care, Biology, Community Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition Care, Dietetics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Psychology.

    What jobs can you do with a degree in Nutrition?

    Let’s have a look at some of the most popular nutrition jobs:

    Nutrition JobsJob Description
    1. Clinical Nutritionist>A Clinical Nutritionist delivers his/her expertise in a hospital or private setting. He/she encourages patients to practice better dietary habits for healthier bodies.
    2. Food bloggers/Writers /Vloggers>Food bloggers, Writers, Vloggers use their food knowledge to create videos and blogs about health, nutrition, and the latest developments in the industry.
    3. Health Care Aide>Provides dietary assistance to the sick, elderly, disabled, and other special groups in their special homes.
    4. Health Educator/ University Professor>Educates nutrition students or the community on dietary matters.
    5. Home economist/ Freelance nutritionist/ International Aid Provider>Work from anywhere as a nutrition consultant.
    6. Dietician>A degree in nutrition certainly earns you the right to become a dietician. A dietician guides people on how to establish healthier eating habits by recommending special menu options.
    7. Food Chemist/ Flavorist/ New Food Product Developer/ Nutrition Consultant>Help food & beverage businesses to come up with signature flavors as they target certain market segments.
    8. Food Service Attendant/Manager>Hired by food businesses to handle all the matters related to food.
    9. Food Scientist>Conducts research to establish the direct effect certain foods have on the individuals who eat them.
    10. Food Safety Auditor/Quality Control Specialist>Ensures that food products are compliant with the set consumer safety standards.
    11. Regulatory Affairs Specialist/ Manager>Ensure that the regulations guiding food production & distribution are adhered to.
    12. Food Microbiologist>Traces and studies each and every detail about food right from the ingredients & preparation to digestion & elimination.
    13. Food Process Engineer/Food Technologist>They seek to come up with more efficient technologies to produce, package and distribute food products.
    14. Food Production Manager>A Food Production Manager is hired by a food manufacturer to oversee the entire food production line to identify the areas that could need improvement in terms of workmanship or resources.
    15. Food Packager>Advises food manufacturers on how to utilize certain food packaging techniques.
    16. Lab Manager>The Lab Manager is in charge of a Food Research Facility to ensure the Research Assistants & the Research Chefs do their job accurately.
    17. Public Health Director/Public Health Planner/Wellness Coordinator>Works with government bodies to come up with ways to improve public health.
    18. Food Retail Sales Representative>Use your food knowledge to market and sell food products to food stores or the final consumers.
    19. Sports Nutritionist>Helps athletes adopt special diets for peak athletic performance.
    20. Nutritionist>The duties of a nutritionist summarize all the job roles listed above. He/she is mostly hired by huge organizations concerned with food matters so that they can better serve their staff or the public food-wise.

    Nutrition Jobs Interview Questions

    The following questions will give you an idea of the kind of questions to expect in nutrition job interviews:

    Nutrition Job Interview QuestionHow you should answer
    1. Is keeping a food diary important?>Demonstrate your research methods and techniques know-how.
    2. You have to present a topic on healthy habits. What will you include in the presentation, and why?>Show the interviewers that you are capable of using your presentation skills to educate an audience.
    3. Which dietary recommendations would you give to a cancer patient?>Prove that you are capable of working with different patients accurately.
    4. Create a meal plan for an 18-year old patient who was recently diagnosed with diabetes?>Demonstrate that you can still recall what you learned in class.

    Are Nutritionists in High Demand?

    Wondering whether or not there is a demand for Nutritionists in the job industry? Well, according to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, the demand for Nutritionists is expected to grow with at least 20% from now to 2026. Notably, this is faster than the average for all other occupations in the job industry.

    How much do nutritionists make?

    The average annual salary for professional nutritionists is $57000, with the highest earners bagging serious annual salaries of up to $80000. On the hour, most nutrition jobs will give you a salary ranging from $27-$30.