P&G Job Application- Latest Recruitment Tips

    If you are a Personal Care and Hygiene expert looking to expand your career, you should definitely check out the P&G job application. P&G is an international consumer goods company specializing in health, hygiene, beauty & grooming, home care, and family care. They are always looking for the right talent to join their dynamic workforce.

    What are P&G Brands?

    P&G Job Application

    P&G is mostly popular for always delivering the exact needs of the diverse public. For over 181 years now, they have done so with their brands in the different product categories. Some of their most popular brands in each product category include:

    Baby Care

    • Luvs Baby Diapers
    • Pampers Baby Diapers

    Fabric Care

    • Tide Laundry Products
    • Ariel Laundry Products
    • Ultra Downy Fabric Softener

    Family Care

    • Bounty Towels
    • Charmin Toilet Paper
    • Puffs Facial Tissues

    Feminine Care

    • Always Care Pads
    • Tampax tampons

    Hair Care

    • Herbal Essences
    • Old Spice

    Home Care

    • Cascade
    • Clean

    Personal Care & Grooming

    • Gillette
    • Safeguard

    Personal Health Care

    • Align

    Oral Care

    • Oral-B

    Is P&G a good company to work for?

    The safety of the customers in the backend has always been the main goal for P&G. Their vigorous team of over 500 qualified scientists analyzes every single ingredient that goes into each of their products in the different categories for safe public use.

    P&G also recognizes the diversity of the customers who use their products. As a first-in-line diversity and inclusion employer, they make sure that the workforce is diverse in the same way. In the workplace, high ethical standards are also maintained to ensure the overall safety and wellbeing of each employee.

    Can anyone apply for a job at P&G

    At P&G, anyone can apply for a job subject to approval or rejection by the recruiters. If by bad luck you are rejected, you can always reapply after 12 months.

    Important to mention, it is always good to mention in the subsequent application that you have applied unsuccessfully in the past. This way, the recruiters will be keen to see if you have acquired new skills that could be helpful in their workforce.

    How do you apply for a job at P&G

    Applying for a job at P&G is quite straightforward. This is because you only need to follow through their streamlined online application system. If you want to work overseas, you can also apply for a job outside your country of residence.

    To check the open job positions, visit their careers page. Immediately after visiting it, you will be prompted by the live-chat recruiting assistant to fill the online application. The online application basically consists of two parts:

    • Success Drivers Assessment (must be completed within 7 minutes)
    • Diagrammatic test (Must be completed within 30 minutes)

    Successful candidates are then prompted to physically take reasoning tests at P&G offices. It usually takes about an hour and assesses the candidates logically, diagrammatically, and numerically.

    The third and final step is the candidate elimination interview. Here, 2-3 interviews are done to choose the best candidate among the shortlisted ones.

    Simple Step by Step P&G Job Application

    • Visit their careers page
    • Use the search button to look for your preferred job position or select one of the levels (Internships, Recent Grad, Experienced Professional, or Plant Technicians) and click view all.
    • Select your preferred location and click view jobs.
    • After finding a suitable job position, click “apply” and fill in your details by completing the 6 step process.

    P&G intern jobs

    P&G offers many internship opportunities for students from all over the world. The application procedure is still the same as in full time paying job positions- online CV submission, reasoning tests, and interviews.

    A P&G internship opportunity can be very useful as you will receive world-class training to help you become an unchallenged leader in your field.  At P&G, It is not just about what they will train you on, but how you feel in terms of how you are welcomed, inspired, and challenged on daily basis.

    What does P&G look for?

    P&G’s recognizes that their competing edge in the industry narrows down to individual employees. That is why they are always looking for specific mindsets in line with the success competencies defined by their vision and mission. The basic ideas are:

    • Dynamism

    Even when they have advertised for a job position with specific job roles, P&G prefers a dynamic individual who can easily change assignments for the overall wellbeing of the company. The ideal candidate must remain fast, responsive, flexible, and rigorous at all times.

    • Curiosity

    Rather than just conform to the norms, P&G prefers someone capable of asking questions because the eagerness to create helps create new ideas.

    • Teamwork

    P&G believes that working together leverages the talents of each person in the team. The candidate must be capable of comfortably working with others to accomplish set goals.


    Now that you know everything about P&G Job Application, it is time to apply.