Panera Bread Application

    Panera Bread ApplicationPanera Bread online application for employment

    There are numerous brands, local or at large, that are popular in the bread baking industry. Bread baking is an art, the variations like bread bowl soup, salads, and customized sandwiches, which are made by order, flaunt this art in pride. Panera Bread was established in 1981 in St. Louis and is one of the finest bread baking brand around today. They take immense care in selection of their bread and its baking. They take pride in their craft of baking bread. Panera Bread is not just a bakery shop at the corner. It is a popular café that has also catering services for meetings, get-togethers, and events. Panera Bread has an updated and informative website providing details about its beginning, awards, media releases, investor’s information, and franchise details. It also has a user friendly section of its bread baking community, delicious recipes, nutrition value of its famous breads and menus.

    Panera Bread application

    Panera Bread offers unique full-time service experience by being a part of a bread brand that is more than a bakery. They are calling aspirants to apply online for various employment options available.

    Panera Bread Jobs Available

    You may submit a Panera Bread application form for any of the following openings: shift supervisor, catering, support center, baking, corporate and café management. They also have job openings at their manufacturing unit for manufacturing facilities of fresh dough.

    Minimum Employment Age at Panera Bread

    The Panera Bread job application online is available to applicants who are sixteen years of age or older.

    Panera Bread Store Hours

    Panera Bread has various store locations, and they all operate on different timings. The official website of Panera Bread has a feature called Store Locator, which can be extremely useful for fetching this information. The job applicant has to select Panera Bread store location as per the geographical area and then be able to get information on individual store operating hours.

    Important Tips to Apply Online With Panera Bread

    • Panera Bread Online Application

    Panera Bread is a well-known and established brand that takes pride in its bread baking craft and various kinds of breads that are served and relished for specific purposes. In recent years, there has been a steep increase seen with thousands of applicants contending for any position offered by Panera Bread online, in a yearly fashion. The company, established in 1981, has shown a successful rapid expansion, which means they are hiring for numerous job positions that must be occupied to continue extending high-quality and fine services to its loyal consumers.

    Their application form is available online on their official website, where applicants can apply and start their unique career experience with the company. For this, they have to be updated about the company history, its investor’s information, products, catering services, policies, service techniques, and mission and vision statement. For a person who is applying for any position, it is also advised to be knowledgeable of the past and present market position of the company. When a person walks in to an interview with a good study and knowledge about the company, it reflects their seriousness and dedication toward the company as an organization and displays their attitude towards serving their best to customers and maintaining the hard-earned reputation of the company all over these years. Panera Bread is a big brand and is on its rapid expansion in North America.

    They have various job openings all through the year. Since they cover a large geographical base, their numerous stores are continuously looking out for highly efficient people to work with them with pride while serving their loyal customers. To apply for a job opening at Panera Bread, aspirants should look carefully for the current openings that match their skills set on the company’s career page.

    The company’s careers page is the most useful page for any aspirant. It has all the relevant information that an aspirant needs to know before applying for a job at Panera Bread—like the work culture at their cafés, employee benefits, and what Panera Bread can offer them in return for their career.  As the company is very proud about its success, they expect candidates to know a lot more about the company before they take up to the interview. Just filling out the application form is not enough as it requires a lot more research to understand how the company works.

    Panera Bread application

    The candidates must be prepared to face any kind of question asked by the hiring management and convince them that they possess the ability to take up the responsibility associated with the job. As Panera Bread is expanding a lot, they often search for candidates who possess exceptional communication skills. They also look for candidates with leadership skills to manage their responsibilities. In addition, they want the applicants to be pleasant and handle the customers well.

    Company Job Application Form

    As mentioned previously, this company was established in 1981, and the company is very proud about its breads selection and the craft of baking. Nowadays, bread baking seems to be an art form in most of the cafés.  Panera Bread has perfected this technique over the years. The official website includes a lot of information about its organization. Candidates can apply to the company by selecting the Careers link in the website. The website also offers a lot of information about the number of people working in the company, the philosophy of the work place, awards received by the company, the benefits offered by the company, and compensation. Candidates will also see the application form on the same page. The job openings are listed in different categories, and you can choose any of the positions you are comfortable with. Candidates will also find a link that shows the number of positions available, and they can select the category that fits their job description.

    Most Common Positions at Panera Bread and Income Information

    As mentioned above, the company has a lot of positions available due to its unstoppable expansion. Some of the most common job openings offered by the company are in shift supervision, catering, support center, baking, corporate and café management. The company also offers variety of jobs in its manufacturing unit. People with previous experience in food industry are at an advantage to apply. The company has its stores all across the country, and you can be sure to choose the best job position that fits you perfectly. The managers and supervisors working in the cafés are offered salaried positions, as well as corporate jobs like legal support, marketing management, and human resources management. You can submit your application online for any of the positions available.

    Panera Bread Job Application

    The application form can be found in the main website. As always, it is best for the candidates to get a printed copy of the application before they attend the interview. It is also necessary for the candidates to carry updated resumes and be confident about the questions asked by the hiring management. Getting a job with Panera Bread can be a huge achievement and can open a lot of doors for the candidates to start a new career.

    Panera Bread Benefits

    The food industry usually offers a lot of benefits for the employees working in their companies. Panera Bread offers a huge range of benefits to its employees. The best part of working in Panera Bread is that it offers a laid-back environment to work, and it also offers many training programs that are paid by the company. This in fact provides a huge incentive for candidates to grow their careers. The entry-level workers receive an attractive pay even if they are new employees. Career associates who work full-time with experience under their belt receive incredible salary options. Other employees who are qualified receive amazing benefits.

    Candidates can also apply online to understand the benefits offered by the company. Among the benefits offered, 401(k) plans offer a wide range of benefits. These plans allow the employees to plan for their future as retirement plans are also included. In addition, the benefits include plans associated to stock purchase and spending accounts that are flexible. Panera Bread really cares about their employees. They also allow the employees to take some time off while being paid. This provides the employees the opportunity to find a balance between work and life, allowing them to spend more time with their family.

    The company also offers health benefits that include options associated with insurance coverage. Employees who qualify can utilize the dental, vision, and medical plans. Additionally, they offer life insurance to provide their employees a great service.  Employees can view the entire list of options related to insurance online. Last but not the least, they offer disability coverage too. Other benefits include aprons, apparel, and name tags that are complimentary. Employees also receive discounts on food and beverages they purchase along with rewards and incentives program. Most of the companies nowadays offer benefits to only employees who work full-time. Therefore, workers who work part-time often receive packages that are limited, and some companies do not even offer any such benefits. However, Panera Bread offers benefits to its part-time workers too.

    Panera Bread application:


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