Drug Store Job Applications

    Drug Store Job Applications

    Drug Store Jobs

    Like the food industry, pharmaceuticals are considered an essential part of commerce. Medicines and other health-related products are prime commodities and must never go out of stock. At the same time, drug stores must provide service 24/7 and should have plenty of branches that are readily accessible to their customers. Working at a drug store is not a menial task. It is in fact, very important because of the responsibility attached to it – you hold people’s lives in your hands. So if you’re looking for Drug Store industry jobs know first that you are committing to serve people and help improve their lives.

    drug store job applications

    There are different kinds of jobs which are needed in this industry. You may of course see the pharmacist and the cashier up front, but know that there are different careers in the Drug Store industry just like stock personnel, delivery crew, guards, accountants, and so on. There are also larger drug store companies which require the services of IT and Marketing personnel to handle the technical and sales aspects of the industry.  The possibilities are endless.

    So how do people get jobs in the Drug Store industry? The first thing that you will need to do is to ask if they have an opening. Most of the time, the drug store or company advertises job openings right inside their store premises. Alternatively, the company website is also a good place to check about current job openings. In fact, most of them accommodate Drug Store job applications on the website itself. Usually, drug store companies set a careers page which lists down the positions, locations as well as requirements needed for the application.

    Some websites are even more elaborate in that they have their own application forms right within the website. Others have a questionnaire which help them gauge applicants’ skills and abilities. This is needed because big name companies naturally receive plenty of applications every day. They have to devise a way to screen the applicants thoroughly so that only the most skilled and experienced ones move forward to the next round – the interviews.

    Drug Store Job Application Basics

    The screening and interview process is often rigid and tough; especially if you are a pharmacist. You can’t blame the management because lives of people are at stake here. If the pharmacist mistakenly hands the customer the wrong prescription, or even so much as gives a different dosage, the drug store could get sued. Worse is if something bad happens to the customer after taking the medicine. The responsibility of dispensing medication is simply so great that the job applicant should be smart, thorough, dedicated, organized and have a good eye for detail.

    Part of the screening procedure with job applications in the Drug Store industry is checking the level of customer service of all the applicants. Besides giving customers their medicine, drug store employees rely heavily on their rapport with their customers – how well they treat the most difficult of people when they walk in the store. The interview process sometimes involves made up scenarios, customers complaining, medicines being mislabeled and so on and so forth.

    For people determined to have Drug Store industry careers, know that hard work and dedication always pays off in the end. Drug store employees get paid pretty well based on industry standards. There are also night differentials as well as excellent benefits and retirement packages. For management positions, there is a good chance for promotion and a move up the corporate ladder. You may start as a branch employee, but you could later be absorbed into the central organization depending on your performance. Expect annual evaluations because this is the most effective way for the company to assess your performance. There are also customer reviews and comment cards for them to get a feel of how the entire team performs day in and day out.

    Applicants for jobs in the drug store industry should also be persistent. There’s that possibility that you won’t get hired for the position that you want on your first try. Or, there may be no opening on the particular branch or area that you prefer. Don’t give up. You can try applying for different positions at different locations. When you send in your application, always indicate a second or third choice in terms of position and location. Also, be sure to include a working phone or mobile number and always check your email for a reply. The average processing time can be three days to three weeks, depending on how large the Drug Store company is.

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