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    If you are seeking to begin a career, Albertsons may be one corporate entity that catches your interest. Albertsons Career opportunities vary according to store location, primarily for reasons that are bound up in the changes taking place within the parent company. As of March 29, 2014, Cerberus Capital Management, the parent company, has just purchased the Safeway chain of stores and is merging the two grocery stores together. This means that some stores will lay off employees, while others will add to their rosters. This also means that there will be openings in management and corporate departments sometime in the next year to fill vacancies and replace retirees. Granted this is going to be a rough spell, but Albertsons’s employees will come out in a much better situation than ever. The majority of employees, both past and current, agree that Albertsons pays a respectable wage even for entry-level jobs, as well as that the company is good to work for and that managers are good. If you are interested in finding a job with Albertsons, fill out the Albertsons online application today.

    Albertsons Job Application Online

    Only Albertsons Job Application form found on the website is accepted for consideration. Start by clicking on Albertsons Career page, and decide which region or position you are interested in looking into. Division Office Jobs will present you with opportunities in merchandising, marketing, store design, and finance. Most of the positions require a college degree plus some experience. There are also openings in the distribution center for drivers and warehouse personnel, retail for entry-level and management, as well as for the pharmacy departments. The pharmacy is an area that accepts interns and students who are seeking experience. There is only one way to determine if Albertsons has a job for you—fill out and submit your own Albertsons job application.

    Albertsons Careers and Income

    If you live in the Western half of the United States or in Florida, Albertsons is a familiar grocery store name to you. In the Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois area, Albertsons is known as Jewel-Osco stores. In Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey, you would be applying to Acme. If you live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or New Hampshire, the chain name is Shaw’s or Star Market. Regardless of the name, you will need to submit an Albertsons job application form for any position, including management. The details and effects that the merger is likely to have nationwide on the chain have yet to be completely hashed out, but with the addition of the Safeway stores, jobs will be opening in Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, and Washington DC. Take advantage of this opportunity to get your foot in the door by presenting your experience and interest in an application for Albertsons.

    Apply at Albertsons – Basic Advice

    Even though you may be sitting in your kitchen munching on a burger as you fill out the Albertsons online application, when you show up for your interview, behave as if you have entered a holy place of reverence. Use “please” and “thank you” when speaking to employees, even if they are just passing by.

    For ladies, avoid wearing makeup colors that you would choose if you were going out for the night. In other words, wear lighter lipsticks, less eye shadow, and in light colors (no cat’s eyes please), and make sure your hair is neat and clean. Avoid nail polish unless it’s clear. Employers tend to be older and aren’t into the hip blues and plums so popular today.

    Remember, that you are there to make a good impression, and you only have a few minutes to do that. Sit up straight. Turn off your cell phone until after your interview. If you must stand in a hallway, don’t pace or rock.

    You may be on a store camera and not be aware of it. So pretend that your mother is watching every move you make and is going to nail you if you misbehave.

    Apply at Albertsons – Advanced Tips

    Research the store’s community action and press releases to know if you are interested in applying to the company in the first place. You can find some of this information on the Albertsons website.

    Remember to call your interviewer by his/her formal name—Mr. /Ms. Albertson, not “Mary” or “Mike.” Take a breath before answering questions to force yourself to think before you blurt out words you can never take back.

    The day before your interview, make a trip to the Albertsons where the interview will take place. In this way, you’ll know if there are unexpected detours or roadwork delays that could make you arrive late for your interview. It will also let you become familiar with the layout of the store and give you confidence walking in.

    Albertsons Benefits

    Albertsons offers competitive pay and benefits that are typical in the industry and locale. Ask which benefits you may qualify for during your interview, and if there are some that you won’t get, ask what qualifications need to be met in order for you to acquire them. This includes 401K options, medical, and paid time off.

    Things to Know About Albertsons

    If you are in college, now is the perfect time to start keeping an eye open for an Albertsons Career position that will provide you a long-term career path to success. The merger agreement is not expected to close stores, but certainly, those stores that are competing against each other—on the same block, for example—are likely to merge; and based on previous experience, some employees may experience transfers.

    Albertsons has a Donation Request page with details about this effort. This request is only intended to assist food banks and other specified donation requests. Get familiar with the ins and outs in order to discuss it at the interview.

    Albertsons also has a third-party fundraising event form, if you need to supply food for the event and the fundraiser is for a known organization. Perhaps, in your interview, you might want to discuss the possibility of raising money for one of the programs for returning vets, such as Wounded Warriors or Fisher House.

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