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    Independent Grocers Association, also known as IGA, was founded way long back in 1926. It was basically formed to help small corner-store groceries that were owned by families to remain competitive in the market. Superstores and huge retail chains were basically ousting small grocery stores out of the market. Because each IGA is independently run, you need to apply for all positions at your local market or through their online sites.  If you wish to get an IGA application, contact your local IGA through email and ask what the process is for them.  Everyone that has worked at IGA loves the jobs and the employers.  Since they are home owned, you don’t usually have to deal with managers that don’t know the big boss.  As a matter of fact, you will get to know the boss as well and be able to ask any questions that you need answered.  Usually the managers are long-time employees and not hired in from outside.  IGA stores have a reputation for being one of the best places to enter the work world because they take the time to teach you the basics and importance of working as a team.  These are skills that you can use in any future career.  Just because IGA stores are independently operated does not mean that they are functioning in the dark ages.  They have mobile apps for each store where customers can access the websites recipes and sales of the week.  Everyone gets to know their customers by name instead of seeing them as just another coupon at the register.  Shoppers are loyal to IGA and customers help new employees as much as their coworkers do when it comes to finding where things belong.  Many of the IGAs are accepting online grocery orders and offering delivery services.  This is exactly what the mom-and-pop corner grocers used to do and is perfectly suited to the IGA business model.

    IGA Job Application Online

    You can find the IGA application  by going to this employment page and clicking on the link marked “Find My Local IGA”.  Enter your location and a list of IGAs will pop into place.  If you go to their sites, you will see a link for “contact us”.  You will need to contact the individual stores to submit your resume or request an application.

    IGA Careers and Income

    The IGA application process is direct – between you and the owner/manager of the store.   Generally, the jobs that are most available are entry-level for cashiers and stockers, although the jobs do tend to overlap at times.  Everyone is responsible for keeping the store neat and clean and helping customers in any area.  If you are hoping to learn the meat cutting or produce trades, IGA is one of the best places to learn these skills.  With no corporate jobs available because of the restructuring that is taking place, submitting your application for IGA is limited to store workers only.

    Apply At IGA – Basic Advice

    Even though IGA Careers don’t usually offer lucrative positions, they do prepare you for advancement in the grocery industry. The skill sets you develop here are learned in a friendly atmosphere where you get the personal attention you deserve.  Use this information to your advantage and let the interviewer know that you appreciate the opportunity to learn from him/her.

    Before you actually submit your application, go to the store of your choice and shop.  Generally, IGA stores are smaller because they are based on the neighborhood corner-store model.  As such, they don’t carry the huge number of products found in corporate grocery stores.  What they do offer are products that their customers prefer and ask for.  Meet the other employees.  Introduce yourself and tell them that you are hoping to get a job alongside them.  Ask them if they like working for this boss and in this store.

    When you do get an interview, be sure to start with thanking the boss for taking the time to see you.  Let him/her know that you want to work for IGA rather than at a large grocery store because of the way that they respect their customers and other employees.

    Apply At IGA – Advanced Tips

    The interviewer will want to know why you think that you are a good fit for his store and what you can bring to the team that would be of benefit to the store as a whole.  Think about these questions and be ready with a solid answer.

    Print out a copy of your IGA application so that you can comment on what you wrote.  Ask the manager if they participate or hold any community events and if so, ask if you can be a part of that.  If not, you may want to ask if you could set one up to let everyone know that this is a great place to shop.

    IGA Benefits

    Each store provides its own benefits package.  In some, the benefits include discounts on purchases for you and your family members.  In others, health benefits are included.  Ask about paid sick leave and vacation pay.  There is only one way to know what benefits your job will include and that’s by starting with an IGA job application form.

    Things to Know About IGA

    Each year, vendors for IGA sponsor a sweepstakes event called “Hometown Healthy Challenge” where all the local IGAs participate in calling attention to providing healthy food to families.

    Throughout each summer, the IGA Hometown Fest takes place where stores celebrate their own hometowns with balloons and special event activities including protecting pets and donating food and supplies for rescue pets.

    IGA is a proud sponsor and donator to Wounded Warrior Projects nationwide.  Many of the local stores began online shopping with a delivery service to assist those vets who were physically challenged and found shopping a major issue.  Some stores sponsor parades and activities where the local vets can participate alongside their family members and friends.  Picnics with competitions designed in a way that even disabled and physical impaired people could participate are one of the most popular during the summer months.


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