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    Baskin Robbins ApplicationBaskin Robbins Application – Baskin Robbins Employment

    With the economy still slogging along slowly into recovery and daily reports of jobs being eliminated in the retail sector, choosing a place to work that has the best chance to survive the turbulence is important.  Why should you want to submit a Baskin Robbins employment application?  There are two reasons that Baskin Robbins is a great choice.  1) Baskin Robbins is a niche specialty business with very few competitors. 2) One food item that people prefer not to make at home – mainly because it is more expensive to do so – is ice cream.  This means that its prices are not likely to be undercut by other ice cream shops and that people want quality ice cream at reasonable prices.  But, the reason why you should want to fill out a Baskin Robbins application is posted in an independent review online by a girl named Sara, “…this is a fun job with flexible scheduling and it is very easy to get pay raises every couple of months.”

    Baskin Robbins Job Application Online

    Because each Baskin Robbins is a privately owned franchise, the main website does not accept applications online.  You need to locate the nearest shop and pick up a Baskin Robbins application form in person.

    Baskin Robbins Careers And Income

    If you are at least 16-years old, you can download a Baskin Robbins job application form fill it out and take it to the Baskin Robbins near your home.  Entry-level employees start as Crew Members and make between $8 and $10 hour depending on the state and store.  Career oriented crew members should let the store manager know that you would be interested in a long-term future with the company or note it on your Baskin Robbins application.  Since Baskin Robbins promotes its own members, you could become a crew leader and your hourly rate would be increased.

    Assistant Managers are hired from either outside or through promotions at the store while Managers are usually hired from outside.  Management level staff usually has an Associate or Bachelor’s degree.  Assistant managers are on salary starting around $20,000 a year, in most locations.  Managers start at approximately $30,000 a year.  You can expect raises every few months to semi-annually, depending on the owner of the franchise that you work at.  Baskin Robbins careers are open to everyone and come with additional benefits.

    Apply At Baskin Robbins – Basic Advice

    Before you fill out a Baskin Robbins job application, think about the following and decide how you want to answer.

    What days are you available to work?  If you cannot work on Saturdays because of other obligations, don’t include Saturday as one of the days that you are willing to work or be on-call.  It is important to be honest from the start.

    How would you define the term “customer service” and how you can provide this for Baskin Robbins’ customers?  Giving an example of what you can do to meet your own definition is a good way to respond.

    What do you know about Baskin Robbins’ products?  If you don’t know much, check out the Baskin Robbins website and be able to talk about one or two of the products that you like.

    Apply At Baskin Robbins – Advanced Tips

    Since every Baskin Robbins is an independent Franchise, the qualifications for Management positions vary, but in general, experience in food service and/or prior management experience is desired.  To find out if there are openings that you would be interested in considering, download a Baskin Robbins application online form and take it to any Baskin Robbins in your area.

    You can find a Baskin Robbins application online by doing a Google search. Be sure to answer all the questions on the form.  One question new applicants ask is “what is a reference?”  All employers want to know the name, address and phone number of people that you know.  They call these people on the phone and ask them for information about your personality, responsibility and trustworthiness.  Ask friends if you can use them for a reference and never use a family member.

    If this is your first job, you will not have an employment history but don’t leave that area of the Baskin Robbins application blank.  Put the notation “n/a” in the first box and beneath that, simply state that this will be your first job.

    Baskin Robbins Benefits

    With the changes in the healthcare law in the U.S., most Baskin Robbins’ employees that work full-time, that is over 35 hours a week on a regular basis, will qualify for health care benefits.  Some of the other benefits for most employees include paid vacation, sick leave and holiday pay.   But, in order to get any of these benefits, you need to scoot over to your nearest shop and pick up an application for Baskin Robbins.

    Things To Know About Baskin Robbins

    Every business wants to be liked by people who are seeking employment with them.  So, before you turn in your Baskin Robbins online application, here are a few things you should know and bring up in your interview.

    You don’t have to be a child to belong to the Birthday Club and get coupons for a free 2.5 ounce ice cream or $3 off on your favorite ice cream cake.

    Baskin Robbins sells gift cards starting at $2 and all the way up to $100.  These make great gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s day and Thanksgiving when pies need that special scoop to set it off.

    Baskin Robbins is a partner with Dunkin’ Donuts under the Dunkin’ Brands corporation.  Dunkin’ Brands does a lot of community volunteer and donation work everywhere.  You might want to ask how your store participates in these activities.

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