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    When you think of toys and games as a US consumer, it’s safe to say that the first name that comes to mind is always Toys R Us. Here’s a retail chain that rose to iconic status when this generation’s primary workforce was still the firm’s primary target market, yet is still going stronger than ever today. What’s astonishing about Toys R Us is the way in which even in the face of such ferocious and widespread competition, online retailers included, it is still the household name it always was and America’s first choice. Over the years, the Toys R Us product catalogue has diversified massively and today includes everything from newborn baby accessories right through to next-generation tablet PCs and musical instrument. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop for anything and everything parents and kids alike could ever need. It’s an American institution that’s going nowhere but up, which is precisely what makes the Toys R Us application so attractive.

    If you’re interested in securing a career with a brand where job security for the long-term isn’t a point of debate, Toys R Us hits the nail on the head.

    Toys R Us Job Application Online

    It will probably come as no surprise to learn that the number of positions available in the ranks of Toys R Us is simply astonishing. A successful Toys R Us application has the potential to propel you into a business where to say the sky’s the limit would be something of an understatement. From entry roles like store associate and games sales team members right through to department managers, store managers and area sales coordinators, a career with Toys R Us can realize your potential in a big way.

    If you’re looking to join at an entry-level, there’s a good chance you’ll be filling out your Toys R Us application with the role of store associate in mind. However, it is perfectly possible to begin rewarding Toys R Us careers much higher up the ladder – assuming of course you already have the necessary skills and experience.

    As far as applying goes, you can find out and all jobs currently available by heading over to the company’s official careers website at:

    Once here, you’ll be invited to select the US state you’re interested in working in, which will then take you to another screen where you’ll see all of the career posts available in real-time. Once you find a job that suits, you’ll be able to fill in your Toys R Us application online immediately and set the wheels in motion. It’s a relatively in-depth form all in all, but makes sure it communicates all of the most important traits to those you’re hoping to impress.

    Toys R Us Careers And Income

    How much you’ll earn at Toys R Us depends entirely on the role you take up and your experience in the industry – age may also play a role. As such, you need to make sure you include every last shred of relevant information in your Toys R Us online application in order to ensure you’re offered the appropriate position and rate of pay.

    Entry-level positions usually take the form of store associates, which represent the lifeblood of the Toys R Us experience. If your Toys R Us job application is successful and you get taken on at such a level, you’ll be working face to face with the customers that make the business what it is. You’ll be offering advice, looking after the stock on the shelves, taking order, offering directions, interacting with kids, taking payments and so much more besides. You’ll find the exact pay rate specified in accordance with the role’s advertisement, but more often than not starting rates of pay are around the $8 per hour mark.

    Supervisory and management roles also vary hugely, but the two most commonly advertised are those of store/department supervisor and store manager. Such individuals take a highly hands-on role in the running and development of their stores, with duties ranging from general day-to-day customer service right through to staff deployment, recruitment and budget control obligations. As far as salary goes, you can expect somewhere in the $25K region for a supervisory role at a higher level, or upwards of $50,000 if taken on as an outright manager.

    There are also plenty of head office jobs that come to be advertised from time to time, ranging from accountancy executives to sales team leaders and right through to regional and national executive roles.

    Apply At Toys R Us – Basic Advice

    The thing to remember above all else when completing your Toys R Us application form is that this is a business built around the traditional US family and the idea that we’re all big-kids at heart. Sure there’s a serious side to it all, but you also need to make sure you show yourself to be a people person in every way. Selling the products is really only part of the job – you need to make sure you further the reputation of the Toys R Us name.

    You may have little to no direct experience – this may even be your first job. If this is the case, consider the above point when penning your Toys R Us application online form and make sure you include as much information as possible about your strengths, your successes and what makes you the best choice for the role.

    It’s also crucial that you understand how things work in a busy Toys R Us store prior to heading for any interview you’re invited for. As such, it’s a good idea to go take a look for yourself on a busy day and see how the operation is carried out, including how the various team members interact with customers.

    Apply At Toys R Us – Advanced Tips

    If you’re applying to work at a higher level, it’s crucial to remember that Toys R Us will in all likelihood demand verification of all achievements, experience and qualifications your application pays reference to. It’s also likely that professional references will play a huge role in whether or not you’re selected, so be sure to choose yours wisely.

    Go through the job description carefully and address each and every requirement and desirable point it highlights in terms of candidate eligibility. The reason being that this job description will be used by your interviewers should your Toys R Us job application form to quiz you on, so you need to be ready to answer each and show why you’re the best pick for the job.

    Remember that in the age of digital application forms, your Toys R Us employment application will be tossed straight in the garbage if there are any mistakes in it whatsoever. Just to be sure, it’s never a bad idea to have another individual…maybe two…look over your application once or twice before you hit the ‘send’ button.

    And finally, if you’re looking to take on a management role and pursue the highest positions within the firm it might be in your best interests to branch out your search to perhaps more than one state. Some Toys R Us locations inherently call for more staff at higher levels than others, so look far and wide if need be.

    Toys R Us Benefits

    Along with the benefit that is working with a dynamic company where job security comes as standard, Toys R Us offers its employees some seriously impressive additions to an already competitive rate of pay. According to the company’s official careers website, benefits include insurance coverage, sick leave, paid vacations, personal days, a generous 401 (k) plan and so many other contributions. Benefits of course vary in accordance with age, experience and position taken, but are by all accounts some of the industry’s most enviable.

    In addition to the above, the company also offers generous discounts and special offers exclusively for staff members on certain products and product ranges at specific times of the year.

    Things To Know About Toys R Us

    It’s always worth knowing one or two addition facts why applying to Toys R Us for company roles, as displaying your knowledge during an interview could easily give you an edge over your rival candidates.

    For example, Toys R Us has a unique ‘Price Match’ scheme whereby they will refund the difference if any of their products is found anywhere else for cheaper. As such, there’s technically no point in buying toys, games and accessories anywhere else as Toys R Us effectively guarantee the lowest prices in the country.

    Today, there are over 870 Toys R Us Stores in the US alone and hundreds more abroad, with total employee numbers going way beyond the 70,000 mark.

    Toys R Us has been delighting kids of all ages with uniquely magical stores for over 65 years and is considered the world’s leading brand for bringing quality toys and games to families at the lowest possible prices.

    In addition, the Toys R Us flagship store was of the chain’s most recent openings and can be found in New York’s Times Square. This wonderland of a toy store features among other things a 60-foot Ferris wheel, a life-size Barbie dolls house and even a gigantic robotic T-Rex!

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