Samsung Job Application- Everything you need to know

    More and more Samsung Job Application opportunities present themselves as Samsung continues to unveil new products and explore new territories. In the US, for instance, there are more than 3000 new Samsung jobs waiting to be filled. This has, however, not convinced Samsung to drop its extremely selective hiring process.

    Here is a guide to help you know more about the Samsung job application.

    What does Samsung deal in?

    Samsung Job Application

    Samsung is a premier tech products organization bragging several innovations in Memory, System LSI, and Foundry. Their shop features several products in different categories such as mobile phones, tablets, TV & home theatre, wearables, computing, smart home, home appliances, and Samsung experience store. Currently, Samsung has over 200 outlets in over 80 countries.

    What is Samsung R&D?

    Samsung R&D is one of Samsung’s 42 worldwide research & studies facilities. These facilities alone brag over 50000 employees across 19 jurisdictions.

    Samsung R&D Canada is one of the most prestigious Samsung facilities to work in. It currently employs 90 employees in Customer support, Big Data & Data Analytics, Product & program management, Server Engineering & Web Development, UX Design, and Business Strategy.

    Samsung Job Application Positions

    Samsung offers numerous job positions for the following categories:

    • Research and Development

    This job category is what makes up the core of Samsung’s wowing innovations. Qualified software developers and hardware engineers are needed in this job category.

    • Design

    This department is responsible for ensuring that products are delivered in line with the customers’ visual needs. Candidates must be well-versed in UI/UX and graphics.

    • Production Management

    Popular job positions in this category include Production manager and Mechanical Engineer.

    • Sales and Marketing

    The sales and marketing team is responsible for promoting Samsung’s products in both existing and new markets.

    • General Management

    This includes all the job positions offered in finance, planning, communications, finance, CSR, human resources, legal, and procurement.

    Samsung myworkdayjobs

    Samsung Myworkdayjobs or Samsung workday is Samsung’s largest job database where new jobs are posted every day. To apply, select the preferred country, store location, job category, job type, and availability on the left sidebar. If you see a job that matches your job taste, just click on it to apply. Those applicants with an updated LinkedIn profile can also use the “apply with LinkedIn” button to send in their application.

    Step by Step Samsung Hiring Process

    The Samsung job hiring process consists of five phases. These phases are application submission, document screening, interviews, medical checks, and hiring of the successful candidate.

    Samsung job openings for freshers

    Samsung offers numerous entry-level job opportunities for fresh graduates. Fresh from campus job seekers can find jobs in categories such as CSR, Human Resources, Procurement, Legal, Communications, Finance, and planning.

    Important to mention, entry software engineering applicants must be ready for a prior-to-hiring programming assessment. Instead of sitting for a GSAT assessment, entry designers must also submit portfolios of their recent work.

    Samsung Internship

    Samsung has excellent internship programs that place university students in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, ideal for acquiring the skills they need for a prosperous career. Some of these programs include the summer internship program for ongoing university students and the MBA LDP program for MBA graduates. To offer a hands-on learning experience, all the internship opportunities involve the participants in social welfare activities.

    What are the benefits of working at Samsung?

    Samsung offers several employee benefits designed to keep the employees emotionally, physically, socially, and financially healthy. Some of these employee benefits include Employee & Dependent Life Insurance, Maternity & Parental top up, Tuition Short & Long Term Disability, Group Home & Auto Insurance, Comprehensive Health & Dental Coverage, Volunteer days, and Referral Bonus.

    How much do Samsung employees make?

    Samsung is one of the companies around the world offering the most competitive salaries to their employees, with most employees earning $30000-$150000 per year depending on the job position. The typical hourly rate ranges from $10-$80, also depending on the job position.

    How do I find the Samsung official website for my country?

    All the Samsung official websites by country can be accessed through the Samsung Official Website Finder. The official website finder can be very useful when you want to access the Samsung products or job positions exclusive to your country.

    How old do I have to be to work at Samsung?

    The minimum age requirement for filling a Samsung job application is 18 years.