USAA Job Application- Serve those who Served you!

    The USAA Job Application program offers employment to over 32000 employees. Even with such a large number of people already employed, there are still 1000+ job positions waiting to be filled. This is just the perfect hunting ground to try your luck on if you are an active job seeker. Before checking it out, learn more about USAA and the secrets of getting hired.

    What is USAA?

    The United States Automobile Association (USAA) is an organization dedicated to providing financial services to the U.S Military and all those affiliated to them. The organization started back in 1922 when 25 army officers formed a small group to help insure each other’s automobiles, hence the name. They couldn’t have imagined that their tiny get-together would almost a century later grow into a fully integrated financial services provider renowned worldwide.

    What are the Benefits of Being a USAA Member?

    Some of the services offered to the USAA 11.9M members today include Insurance, College Savings Fund, Retirement & IRAs, Health Insurance, Investment & Asset Management, Financial Planning & Advise, Banking, Real Estate, Car Buying, Mortgage, Shopping & Discounts, and Financial Readiness Score.

    Who can Join USAA?

    USAA Job Application

    The term USAA membership implies anyone entitled to the company’s membership services and does not convey any legal/ownership rights. To enroll, military personnel must be in possession of “honorable” military discharge. Dependents of USAA members, those currently serving in the US Military, and Cadets/Midshipmen are also eligible for USAA membership.

    Who can Work at USAA?

    In order to work at USAA, you don’t need to have served in the military yourself. All employment decisions are based on merit, qualifications, and skills that are consistent with the organization’s core values and integrity.

    USAA Locations

    USAA has several offices spread across the US. It also has an international operating base in both England and Germany. The need for these physical offices has, however, been overshadowed by the USAA Mobile App which makes USAA services accessible from anywhere around the world.

    How to Apply for a Job at USAA

    All open jobs at USAA can be found on their jobs page. Just click the search button without entering a specific location and career area to see all available jobs. Alternatively, you can key in specifics or allow the site to load out relevant jobs based on your exact location. If you want to view the details of a certain job, just click on it.

    If you want to apply, just click the “apply now” button on the job details page. New users will need to create a new USAA job application account to continue with the application. Returning applicants, on the other hand, do not need to sign up for the second time; all they have to do is log in.

    To make your resume stand out from the rest, make sure you do a thorough background check about the company. Also, use industry-appropriate keywords that make you stand out. Some of the keywords you can use include “mortgage originations” when referring to “mortgage”, “total loss” when referring to “claims”, and “banking and insurance solutions” when referring to “customer service”.  A good source of relevant keywords to use in your resume is the USAA Job Application post itself.

    What are the Requirements for Working at USAA?

    All persons who want to work at USAA must fulfill the following conditions:

    • Be of legal age: 18 years or older.
    • Have a High School Diploma or any of its equivalents.
    • Be willing to submit to a thorough background check.
    • Complete an Employment Eligibility I9 form.

    How long does the USAA Job Application process take?

    The USAA job application follows 4 steps which are application, applicant screening, interviews (both phone and formal interviews in person), and the ideal candidate selection. Unsuccessful candidates will see a “no longer under consideration” notification after logging in to their USAA careers portal.

    Although the length of the entire process is hard to define, the process typically takes 4-7 weeks.

    USAA Careers

    USAA offers career opportunities for experts in both finance and support. Some of the most popular careers include Customer Service Rep, Mortgage Service Rep, Claim Adjuster, Financial Advisor, Accountant, and Life Health Rep.

    USAA Jobs for Newbies

    USAA also offers numerous job opportunities for straight-out-of-college career seekers. These positions train the newbie from the ground up. Some of the areas ideal for first-time job applicants include Mortgage Service, Claims Adjustment, and Customer Support.

    For those still at school, USAA also has an internship program that almost assures a paying job thereafter. The participants are either recruited from partner universities or through the jobs page. Ideal candidates for USAA newbie job positions are those affiliated to professional bodies and those with some employment history (volunteers, summer jobs, & previous internship opportunities).

    How to Get Hired at USAA Fast

    Using referrals affiliated to USAA is one powerful tool for getting hired quickly at the organization. If you know someone working at the organization, ask them if you can include them in your referral list.

    Final Thoughts

    Before filling out any USAA Job Application, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements outlined in the job post, apply to jobs that are within the application period, and most importantly, make sure that your resume is precise or highlights the most important skills & achievements in brief.