Walmart stocker job description Guide

    If you are fresh out of college or just looking for a part-time job, there are so many reasons as to why you should look at a Walmart stocker job description. It is one of the most flexible jobs out there that pay well. Besides the good pay and flexibility, you also gain experience in customer service and inventory management. This automatically means that you will have a better chance at higher-ranking jobs in the future.

    Walmart Stocker duties and responsibilities

    Here is a list of all Walmart stocker duties and responsibilities:

    • Stocking the shelves

    On busy days, goods available on display will deplete so fast. The stocker must always ensure that shelves do not run out of display goods.Walmart stocker job description

    After stocking the goods on the shelves, the stocker must then ensure that the labels, including the price tags, are accurate and clear.

    • Loading and offloading

    The work of a Walmart stocker involves helping customers to load goods bought in bulk as well as offloading the store’s supplies from trucks.

    When offloading, the stocker must confirm that the goods delivered meet the prescribed qualities in terms of quality and quantity.

    • Organizing the backroom

    The backroom holds the store’s entire inventory. Goods are always moving in and out and it is the duty of a Walmart stocker to ensure that everything is arranged correctly.

    • Coming up with displays

    A change in seasons always causes an introduction of new goods into the store. It is the work of a Walmart stocker to determine how and where these goods are going to be displayed.

    • Customer assistance

    It is the work of the stocker to help customers locate goods on the shelves.

    • Store cleanliness

    A stocker should take care of his/her surroundings by always dusting and mopping on the go.

    Other minor stocker duties and responsibilities include:

    • Setting up holiday displays
    • Gather all shopping carts and baskets and store them at their designated area
    • Setting up promotional materials

    Walmart Stocker description, working hours

    Most Walmart stocker duties and responsibilities will be carried out during the early morning or overnight hours. This is because the equipment used for carrying goods from the store to the shelves might interrupt normal buying activities during the day.

    Walmart shelves are usually are really big and they will rarely run out when they are stocked fully before the day starts. During events like Black Friday, however, things are a little different. People usually flock to these stores and virtually all the shelves need re-stocking almost every 30 minutes.

    Walmart stocker skills

    A stocker must possess the following skills:

    • Physical strength

    From dusting to stocking, all the stocker duties and responsibilities require physical strength. To qualify, the candidate must be able to lift heavy loads of more than 60 pounds.

    • Monitoring

    A stocker’s most important duty is to monitor the shelves at all times to ensure that they do not run out of goods at any one time.

    • Sales and marketing

    Sales and marketing skills enable the stocker to convince the customer as well as handle all their issues flexibly and effectively as they arise. A degree, a diploma or previous experience in sales will be an added advantage for the candidate.

    Other requirements include:

    • Minimum education: High school certificate or an equivalent
    • Ability to handle and sort out items properly
    • Be well-versed in communication

    Walmart stocker environment

    Stockers work in an environment with minimal supervision. The stockers are normally assigned to work teams with the expectation that they will consult and help each other to ensure that they complete the job by the end of the shift.

    Walmart stocker salary

    Although the proceeds might not be very good when you are starting, the average salary for a permanent Walmart stocker will not go below $10 per hour. Permanent positions usually have the highest pay. To increase your chances of being selected for a permanent position, you must ensure that you keep your availability open as required by the store.

    Because the shifts are reasonable, it means you will have the larger part of the day to yourself. You can increase your earnings by working an extra job or by working extras shifts. Now that you understand Walmart Stocker job description and seen all that it is required, it’s time to get that Walmart online application resume ready.