Amazon Jobs from Home

    The Amazon Jobs from home program is one of the most successful suppressors of unemployment in the world today. Unfortunately, most people do not know how these types of schemes work. Have you heard of Amazon Jobs from home but don’t know how to get started? This is just the guide for you!

    About Amazon Jobs from home

    Amazon Jobs from Home

    Amazon may from time require the services of freelancers, temporary employees, or contractors especially during peak seasons such as the December holidays. With the exception of virtual customer service associates, Amazon doesn’t provide listings for these types of projects on their official jobs website. To stay up-to-date with these jobs, make sure you follow Amazon on all their social media platforms as well as watch out for Amazon job posts on major freelancing websites. You could also consult verified employment agencies in cities where the Amazon brand has established itself.

    Amazon Virtual Customer Service Associates

    Amazon is among the companies with the largest customer bases in the world. For this reason, they are always looking for detail-oriented customer service associates to help with the workload.  The Amazon virtual customer service team consists of individuals who work from home, providing the freedom and flexibility of working from wherever they want. Your tasks as a customer service associate are to help customers locate items on the Amazon website, help customers connect an Echo to a Fire Television, handling returns, and working hand in hand with delivery drivers to ensure they deliver goods to customers on time.

    Amazon jobs from home careers

    Some of the popular Virtual Customer Service titles you can apply for here include:

    • D2AS Bilingual Technical Support Associate

    This job post usually prefers candidates who are fluent in English and one other language such as German, French, Japanese, and Chinese. Preferred residences can also be specified. The primary role of a D2AS Tech Support Associate is to assist customers with technical products via mail, chat, and phone. Ideal candidates or this position are those that are action-oriented, flexible, and those that can communicate fluently and in a friendly manner in the specified languages.

    • Technical support Associate at Home Office

    This position is perfect for techies who want to use their know-how to solve customer problems right from home. Ideal candidates are those that are patient, conflict resolution-oriented, and positive.

    Amazon work-from-Home Customer Service Associates Requirements

    Amazon looks for certain traits when looking for customer service agents to work from home. Preferred candidates are those who are action-oriented, calm problem-solvers, good communicators, and those with good leadership skills, previous call center experience, DSL line or LTE with 16mbps minimum and technical knowledge.

    How to apply for Amazon Work from Home Jobs

    Virtual customer service jobs are usually posted on the Amazon virtual customer service agent jobs page. Just click on any of the listed jobs to see the applications details. Other Amazon work-from-home jobs that you can benefit from are also discussed below.

    Amazon Data Entry Jobs from Home

    Amazon powers Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), a crowdsourcing platform, which enables top organizations to outsource talent from around the world. Some of the tasks listed by clients on this platform include data validation, surveys, content moderation, and research. Getting started is actually very easy because it only takes 3 days to get approved. Want to get started? Head on to official Amazon Mechanical Turk official page, click “get started”, and then select “create an account as a worker”.

    Amazon Writing Jobs from Home

    If you are an established writer, getting a job in a writing firm might sometimes not be so rewarding. Kindle Direct, a global book publisher powered by Amazon, gives you the chance to publish your own book and reap directly from your writing talent.  Some of the top writers on the platform have sold more than 200000 copies of their books.

    How much does Amazon Jobs from Home Pay?

    It actually depends on the type of Amazon job that you pick. If you are a writer on Amazon Kindle, for instance, your sales will influence how much you make. The jobs in the other categories typically pay from $15-$30 per hour.

    Benefits of Amazon Work from Home Jobs

    Benefits of Amazon Work from Home jobs include flexibility, competitive salaries, no commute, employee assistance program, health care coverage plan (after 90 days), employee discount, and a 1.5x overtime base rate.

    How old do you have to be to qualify for Amazon Work from Home Jobs?

    You have to be 18 years old.

    Does Amazon hire people to write reviews?

    Amazon does not directly hire people to write reviews about the products on sale. It is, however, common to see sellers on the site posting job posts on top freelancing sites requiring people to try out different products and write reviews on Amazon.

    Our verdict

    Amazon’s Virtual customer service program continues to grow, running 10000 more jobs this year alone. If you are work from home mom or a military spouse, Amazon jobs from home are perfect for you!