Best Fast Food Restaurant Jobs for 15 Year Olds in 2021

    Many 15-year-olds and teenagers are on the lookout for the Best Fast Food Restaurant Jobs for 15 Year Olds and it’s quite understandable. Getting a job, even for adults, can be challenging most times.

    But the fast food industry is definitely a good place to turn to. In the US today, the fast food industry is the employer of 4,866,651. Another thing to note is that an average fast food restaurant employs more employers today than it did five years ago.

    The industry offers amazing entry-level jobs for qualified teenagers and adults with a very low entry barrier and several options.

    Best Fast Food Restaurant Jobs for 15 Year Olds


    Benefits of working at age 15

    Here are some of the benefits you’d get working in a fast food restaurant as a 15-year-old;

    1. Aside the agreed hourly rate, you get bonuses for extra tasks done. Sometimes, you also get tips from customers.

    2. Tuition Reimbursement or Scholarships

    3. Working at this age will help you acquire multi-tasking skills early, which will come in handy as you proceed in your career

    4. You also get opportunity for advancement on the job.

    5. Whatever you eventually decide to do, you’ll always have customers so the customer service skills you’d acquire from here would serve you in the future.

    Fast Food Restaurants that Hire at 15

    Before looking at the jobs a 15 year old can do in a fast food restaurant, it’s important to understand that some fast food restaurants may be reluctant to hire a 15-year-old.

    Therefore, we have collated a list of some fast food restaurants that hire at 15. Check them out.

    Burger King
    Basking Robbins
    Pizza Hut
    Dairy Queen
    Ben and Jerry’s
    Boston Market

    Now, let’s explore the different job options for a 15-year-old in a fast food restaurant.

    Here are the 5 best fast food restaurant jobs for 15-year-olds in 2021.


    If you have eyes for a clean environment and you don’t have a problem with rolling up your sleeves to get a bit dirty for the better good of all, then you should consider this.

    Your job is basically to keep the cooking utensils and the entire kitchen clean. And oh, there is dishwashing machine to manage too. If all that don’t sound like a difficult task for you, then you should go for it.

    The job is an easy job to get but not necessarily easy to do. But it’s definitely not a bad idea of a job for a 15-year-old so you should give it a shot.


    Your job as a server begins as the customers take their seats. You welcome them, get their orders and have it delivered to them.

    If you are the type that walk into a room to pick up something but forget what took you to the room when you get there, then you should avoid this job. The job needs you to have a good memory as you will be needing it in remembering customers’ orders.
    You don’t want to be that server who always has to come back with empty hands and “sorry, what did you say you wanted?”


    Cashier job is one of the best fast food restaurant jobs for 15 year olds. Compared to others, it’s a more decent job.

    You most likely know what this is about already. Cashier means you’re the business’ moneybag. You will be seeing money a lot; money that is not yours.

    If you have good understanding of basic mathematics, good memory, and enjoy being around people, then you should go for this.
    This job also needs you to be on the high alert. There will most likely be CCTV cameras to monitor activities, but you are still the first suspect if anything goes wrong with the money.

    Line Cook

    You like cooking and you’re never tired of being in the kitchen? This is for you.

    In most restaurants, cooks are lined up in different group of ingredients. So, as a line cook, you will take one of the spots on the line.
    One of the most abused job skill is I can work under pressure. Everyone claim they can work under pressure until the pressure hits them. But hey, you’re going to be able to work under pressure to perform and succeed on this job.

    Customer Service Representative

    This is another great job for a 15 year old; and a pretty cool one at that. As a customer service representative, your job is to take orders on phone, online and other available medium.
    Send the order to the right department to have it prepared and delivered to the customer.
    This role may be a bit different from restaurant to restaurant, but what’s constant is you will always have to interact with customers.

    And that’s not always an easy thing to do so you need to make sure your temperament is in good condition because some customers will do everything to get you upset.

    The role is quite sensitive and that explains why some restaurants may be reluctant to hire a 15 year old on the job. But if you’re a people person with great communication skills, then you can give it shot. It’s definitely one of the best fast food jobs for 15 year olds.