Best Fast Food Restaurant Jobs in Canada

    There is no doubt that the fast food industry in Canada is successful. This is one reason some Canadians look to this industry for a job. There is no need to worry about competition, especially since Canada just reduced foreign competition in this sector. The following are just some of the most popular or interesting fast food jobs in Canada.

    Best Fast Food Restaurant Jobs in Canada

    Green Freshii

    One of the most popular fast food restaurants to consider is Freshii. The company started in Canada and has gained popularity over the years; it has made it all the way to the US. There are several openings for those who live near one of these fast food locations. The reason they are coveted positions is because they pay well, and the servers can offer healthy options to patrons, which should make any health-conscious person feel good about a job.

    Mac Standing

    Of course, those who want a job with an established fast food restaurant should look no further than McDonald’s. The company can be found all over the world, including Canada. It should be noted that the company is trying to take steps towards healthier versions of their foods and promise to remove antibiotics among other questionable ingredients. Slowly but surely, it is attempting to make itself relevant amongst employees and customers who are health-conscious.

    Five Guys

    A growing, fast-casual chain coming from the United States is opening quite a few doors in Canada. The little fast food burger restaurant ensures that all of its ingredients are genuine, and they use peanut oil to cook their food instead of other unhealthy options. They offer full and part time hours to employees, which is part of what makes this job appealing to some. The culture within the company seems to be focused on customer and employee happiness, making this a good option for people looking for a job in the fast food industry.

    Mucho Burrito

    Another popular fast-casual restaurant making its mark in Canada is Mucho Burrito. This restaurant serves traditional Mexican meals, such as burritos and tacos. The restaurant is owned by Montreal’s very own MTY Food Group, which also owns Thai Express among many other successful fast food restaurants in Canada. The pay in these restaurants is pretty good, especially compared to other options available. Regular full time and part time hours are offered here, for those who live near one of these locations. Most of the restaurants are in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto, but there are other locations scattered around.

    Tim Horton’s

    Of course, Tim Horton’s is another location to think about, considering that it is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in Canada. The chain has locations all over Canada, meaning that people looking for employment are more likely to find one of these restaurants nearby than some of the others mentioned here. Transferring from restaurant to restaurant is pretty easy with Tim Horton’s since there are many locations.

    Hopefully, some of these suggestions help those looking for employment in the fast food industry. All one has to do is find the right restaurant and location to apply to. It should be noted that most of these restaurants expect online applications rather than walk-ins.