Best Retail Jobs for 17 Year Old Teens in 2021

    Your teen wants to work in retail. He is adamant that this is what he really wants to engage in for a part-time or seasonal job. Foodservice, walking dogs, and babysitting just don’t appeal to him or her. There are specific retail areas that he could really be successful in. Check out our list of the best retail jobs for 17 year old teens below.

    Best Retail Jobs for 17 Year Old Teens

    Teen Clothing

    Many teenagers love fashion and working in this field so they can be exposed to it every working day may really appeal to them. There are many benefits to working in this type of environment. Often, employees work with many others their own age and with their own interests. Commissions on items sold are often available to the teen employee. Many stores and chains offer teens a huge discount on the clothing they purchase so that they will wear and model these items on the job.


    best retail jobs for 17 year old teens below.This is a great job for energetic, personable teenagers. Assisting adults, parents, and children in finding and trying on that perfect pair of shoes can be very gratifying. Young people have the energy and physical attributes to be constantly running back and forth between the storage rooms and the floor, stacking and moving boxes, and cleaning up the messes that customers leave in their wake. Teens may be especially valuable in the tennis shoe type store or department, especially if they are familiar with what is popular and trending at any particular time. They may also be very knowledgeable about particular shoes for specific sports.

    Pet Supplies and Services

    Another great retail job teens can be very successful at is working in a pet store or pet supply outlet. Many teens love animals and to be surrounded by them during a workday can seem like heaven to them. Teens can assist in selling pet products, cleaning pet cages, and even selling fish, rabbits, and other small household pets. If the store offers obedience classes for dogs, they may also be of great assistance during this class.

    Sporting Goods

    If your teen is knowledgeable about sports and sportswear, this may be the place for him. If he has great people skills and sales ability, he may become very successful at selling sporting goods to other kids his age and their younger siblings.

    Plants, Flowers, and Nursery Items

    If your youngster loves the outdoors and has a green thumb, a nursery may be a wonderful place for them to work. Most nurseries have huge outdoor areas and help may be needed to bring up items for customers, water plants, and arrange displays. Stocking shelves and assisting customers with their selections may also be important parts of this position.

    Final Thoughts

    It is very beneficial for teens to work a part-time or seasonal job. They accumulate skills that will be beneficial to them for the rest of their lives.As you can clearly see, teens can bring something extra to the table when working in these types of retail businesses. Encourage them to work in an area that they have high interests in. This will make their time on the job pass quickly and the work enjoyable and enriching.