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    Long John Silver’s ApplicationLong John Silver’s Application – Long John Silver’s Employment

    A lot of people get satisfaction when they work in a fast-paced environment where it is easy to keep busy. Working in a franchise location is also ideal because you can learn industry standards that can often be applied to similar positions in other areas of the industry. Food service positions are quite popular and growing in demand for those who are looking for a position where they can have upward mobility within a chain. Filling out a Long John Silver’s application gives you access to these kinds of opportunities in an environment where it is easy to learn about all of the positions you could be eligible for, making it easy to improve your career if you focus on your work.

    Long John Silver’s Job Application Online

    There is currently no Long John Silver’s online application available on the main webpage of the company. Those who are interested in working for this brand are encouraged to walk in to their local branch and ask if they have positions available. If that location is hiring, they will provide you with a physical application that you can fill out. They do not list any information about whether or not they would like you to provide any kind of resume along with your application. It might be helpful to have this information written out before you go in to fill out an application because this will make it quick and easy to transfer any details, such as your employment history, to the application page when you are filling it out.

    There are a few other websites where you can find the Long John Silver’s application online form, which you can use if you do not want to go into a location to fill out a job application. Looking at job application pages can also help you get a feel of whether or not the kind of jobs you are interested in are available at the location where you are hoping to work. If you apply online, you will have to go into your location for an interview if the team is interested in hiring you.

    Long John Silver application

    Long John Silver’s Careers and Income

    The positions at Long John Silver’s locations include team member, team leader, prep cook, cook, shift supervisor, cashier, assistant manager, and general manager roles. When you are looking at a Long John Silver’s application online or in your local restaurant location, you will need to decide which of these positions you are interested in before you apply. In many cases, those who are hired at their local restaurant will be trained to manage cooking or do cashier or team member duties over time, so you can take on whatever tasks that need to be done throughout the busy work day.

    Those who are applying for non-management positions at Long John Silver’s can work part-time or full-time based on their availability. You only need to be sixteen years old to apply for a position at this restaurant. The company is usually considerate of those who are trying to schedule work hours around school or similar responsibilities, so let the team know about these needs during your interview so they can determine which shifts you would be able to work.

    Those who are under eighteen may also be limited in the hours they can work and might not be able to be scheduled for later shifts. Most restaurants are open from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM on Sundays through Thursdays and 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. The specific shifts you work from week to week may vary.

    Many positions at Long John Silver’s start out at minimum wage. Team leaders can earn between $8 to $10 per hour. Assistant managers often earn around $20,000 to $25,000 annually while managers make between $40,000 to $50,000 each year. The amount you make will vary based on the location you are hired into and your work experience.

    Apply at Long John Silver’s – Basic Advice

    It is important to note any past experience you have when you fill out a Long John Silver’s job application so that they can get a feel of whether or not you will need a lot of training or can manage shifts that are known to be busy or very hectic. Any experience you have working directly with customers, handling money, or preparing food is important and should be emphasized when you are filling out your application.

    If you are filling out an application for Long John Silver’s in a leadership role, you will need to let them know about any previous experience you have supervising other employees. If you have ever been asked to write up schedules, work with hiring employees, or oversee the stock of a business, this could be helpful in gaining a management position here. Other restaurant or fast-food experience will also be helpful.

    Because Long John Silver’s uses paper applications, you should try to have a neat handwriting when you fill out your application so that nothing is lost. If you are worried about whether or not you will be able to fill out an application legibly, consider taking it home and working on it instead of rushing to fill it out in the restaurant. You can also try to use an online application from an application site, even though Long John Silver’s does not provide an application page on their own website.

    Apply at Long John Silver’s – Advanced Tips

    There are a few corporate jobs available in Long John Silver’s, but there is no Long John Silver’s application available online or at restaurant locations for these positions. If you are interested in managing, IT, consulting, legal, accounting, marketing, or human resources positions with this company, you will need to contact their corporate location directly to see what is available and where you should send your resume to apply. Contact information is available on the Long John Silver’s webpage if you would like more basic information about how to contact the corporate office. The corporate office is located in Louisville, Kentucky, so those who submit a Long John Silver’s job application form for positions at the corporate level will need to be able to report for work there.

    Because those who will be working at restaurant locations will be around or directly handling food, you will need to be familiar with the guidelines and standards for serving the public. It is important that when you appear for an interview, you have good hygiene, and make it clear that you will take the utmost care to handle all aspects of the kitchen in a way that will meet the standards for food service. If you have long hair, fingernails, or similar appearance traits that could impact your ability to serve food in a hygienic way, you should consider tying your hair back or making adjustments in your appearance that will help reflect an air of cleanliness to customers.

    Long John Silver’s Benefits

    Long John Silver’s careers are perfect for people who would like an entry-level job where it is possible to advance their careers over time. There is paid training and a competitive pay scale for those who prove themselves in the workplace, giving employees more incentive for doing their job well. There are discounts on meals for those working in the restaurant setting, so employees can simply purchase food on breaks if they do not want to bring something from home.

    Some positions in the Long John Silver’s employment application will be eligible for financial planning benefits, including a pension plan or a 401 (k) retirement plan. There is also paid time off and health and wellness benefits available to some employees. Most locations require employees to work full-time in order to be eligible for these more advanced benefits. You will need to ask which positions are eligible for more advanced benefits when you visit your local location to fill out an application with Long John Silver’s so you can plan accordingly.

    Things to Know About Long John Silver’s

    Long John Silver’s is owned by Yum! Brands, which controls many different fast-food franchises. Much of the information that is required on a Long John Silver’s application is based on the standards that this corporation has for all of their brands. Yum! Brands offers training and entry-level positions for those with no employment experience, as well as more advanced positions for those who have worked in this field previously. Those who have worked at other restaurants that fall under this corporate umbrella are encouraged to use their experience when they are transferring to Long John Silver’s.

    There are also basic legal standards that everyone in the restaurant business must maintain when serving food to the public. When you fill out a Long John Silver’s application form, the company will be looking for individuals who are familiar with how to keep things clean and maintain the standards, which will reflect well on the restaurant. Knowing some of this basic information before you go in for an interview will help you stand out from other applicants so that you will be more likely to enter into the workforce without needing a great deal of training. Being familiar with menu items or similar details will also help you to get a feel of what you will need to learn if you will be cooking or completing orders for customers.


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