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    Rally’s ApplicationRally’s Application – Rally’s Employment

    Rally’s is known for their big flavors and large burgers, fries, chicken wings, hot dogs, fish and more. Rally’s concept is all about drive-thru service and you will find that their restaurants have limited seating. Rally’s was established in 1985 in Louisville, Kentucky. The company operates under the umbrella of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants with their headquarters in Tampa, Florida. There are hundreds of Rally’s restaurants and this means that employment opportunities are constant and varied. In fact, there are opportunities opening up as plans to expand the restaurant to other states are currently underway. If you are looking for a job in the food industry, we recommend that submit your Rally’s application for consideration.

    Rally’s Job Application Online

    Rally’s invites anyone who is hungry for success to apply for jobs with them. Rally’s application process is administered online and there are both corporate and restaurant opportunities. Join their talent network to receive updates on emerging opportunities and to share job advertisements with your friends and family as well. You can upload your resume when joining the talent network, though it’s important to note that joining the talent network does not equate to applying for a position. You will still be required to submit a Rally’s job application form if you are to be considered for a job.

    Rally’s Careers And Income

    Rally’s Careers And Income – Management and Executive Level

    Rally’s Careers offers various managerial positions that include front office managers, creation specialist team managers, shift managers, assistant managers and more. Send in a Rally’s application for any of the jobs listed above.

    Rally’s managerial positions come with competitive remuneration. Assistant managers earn from $20,000 to $40,000 annually and store managers take home salaries ranging from $45,000 to $55,000 annually.

    Rally’s Application

    Apply At Rally’s – Basic Advice

    Make your way to the careers site and join the talent network to access employment opportunities. You will need to prepare your resume beforehand as it is uploaded when joining the network.

    Click on the vacant position you wish to pursue and read through the job description before applying, and once ready, click on ‘apply’ to proceed.

    Rally’s online application

    Rally’s points out that they are obsessed with excellence and this means that your application needs to meet their standards. One of the simplest things you can do to ensure that your Rally’ job application is impressive is to read through the application to ensure that your wording makes sense. Look out for spelling and grammatical errors.

    Information on the corporate culture over at Rally’s is available on their careers site and we suggest that you carefully read through it before you start working on your Rally’s employment application.

    Apply At Rally’s – Advanced Tips

    Make sure that your resume is professional as it is required as part of your application for Rally’s.

    After submitting the Rally’s application form, you might be called in for an interview depending on how impressive your resume was. Begin preparing for the interview, and once the date comes, make sure to be a few minutes early.

    Interviews for management staff may include a series of interviews and they range from one-on-one interviews to panel interviews.

    Conduct some research on the company and get some background information that will make you appear knowledgeable and interested in the job.

    Rally’s Benefits

    Rally’s has a wide range of benefits and rewards for employees. You can enroll in health, dental and vision plans. Coverage for long and short term disability is provided as well as life insurance. You can also participate in a 401(k) retirement savings plan.

    There are various opportunities for personal and career growth through team member and managerial staff training sessions. The company also has a rewards and recognition program for employees.

    Submit your Rally’s application online form for these and more benefits.

    Things To Know About Rally’s

    Rally’s signature hamburger, the Big Buford, has been served since the mid-90s.

    Rally’s Drive-In Restaurants was first established in Louisville, Kentucky in 1985.

    Rally’s and Checkers merged in 1999 and the two have over 800 restaurants in the US.

    Together with Checkers, Rally’s Drive-In Restaurants went private through a merger with a private equity firm known as Taxi Holdings Corp.

    To join the company, take the first step and submit your Rally’s application online.


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