First Financial Bank Job Application- Get hired Fast!

    If you are looking to be hired fast, filling a suitable First Financial Bank Job Application is one of your best shots. This is because the bank has had a reputation of hiring job hopefuls as early as 48 hours after they fill out an application, not to mention that they are in dire need of more and more employees following their recent expansions. But the big question is: do you know what it takes to make the job recruiters consider your application? Well, worry not because we reveal all the details about First Financial Bank Careers right here!

    First Financial Bank in a nutshell

    First Financial Bank provides banking and financing services to both individuals and corporations. In terms of marketability, this publicly-traded company is up there with the likes of Lake City Bank, iAB, and Commercial Savings Bank. The company employs over 3000 employees.

    First Financial Bank Locations

    First Financial Bank Job Application

    You can see all the First Financial Bank locations through the locations finder.

    How to fill the First Financial Bank Job Application

    All the open job applications at First Financial Bank can be viewed from their careers page. You can use the left sidebar filters to filter out jobs in terms of category, location, job type, and full-time/part-time. If a job position interests you, just click on it to see the details and then hit the “apply” button to upload your resume, as well as your personal details through the First Financial Bank Job Application Portal.

    First Financial Bank also posts job updates on their social media pages. Links to these social media pages are provided on the homepage.

    First Financial Bank Hiring Process

    You can apply for a job at First Financial either through their careers page, their social media pages or through other means such as a staffing agency, employee referral & submitting the job application in person. If the job recruiters are interested in your talent, they will carry out a series of phone interviews before inviting you over for a one-on-one interview. After this interview, the hiring manager will then follow through with either offering a job position or sending a disapproval email.

    How long does the First Financial Bank Hiring Process Take?

    How long the First Financial hiring process takes usually depends on the position applied for. While some of the job positions call for a waiting time of up to 2 months, others can reward job hopefuls with a job position in less than 48 hours.

    How to get hired fast at First Financial Bank

    Is there something you can do to hasten the hiring process? Actually, yes! And here are the tips:

    • Applying through the LinkedIn page allows you to share your LinkedIn profile with the job recruiters. This increases your chances of being viewed.
    • Some of the more direct application means such as employee referral, staffing agency, and submitting the application in person are faster compared to other application methods such as simply filling the First Financial Bank job application online.
    • Make sure that you are highly qualified for the job position you apply for in terms of education and experience.

    First Financial Bank Interview Questions

    Here are some of the most common questions you will come across:

    Job Position/FieldImportant Interview Questions
    Client Service/Credit Management/Lending Administrator>What do you know about commercial credit management? (Processes, procedures, e.t.c.)

    >What is your background in commercial lending?

    >Why do you want to work for us?

    >What are your strengths/weaknesses?

    >Situational questions e.g. how you solved a job situation in the past.

    Mortgage Loan Originator>What is a correspondent lender?
    Senior Financial Analyst>How would you rate your excel skills?

    >Why are you interested in this position?

    Operations Manager>Why are you leaving your current job?

    >Tell us about a time you displayed leadership. What was the outcome?

    >Why should we hire you?

    Other common interview questions include:

    • Tell us about your education. How do you intend to use it to make an impact here?
    • Customer service is essential in the banking industry. Tell us of a time when you provided excellent customer service.

    First Financial Bank Salaries

    Employees at First Financial Bank enjoy very competitive salaries. Here are the salaries for some of the common job positions:

    • First Financial Bank Relationship Manager Salary: $38000 to $80000/yr
    • First Financial Bank Relationship Banker Salary: $15-$17/hr
    • Teller: $15-$20/hr
    • Branch Manager: $57000 to $80000/yr
    • Assistant Branch Manager: $40000 to $60000/yr
    • Loan Administrator: $45000 to $55000/yr
    • Senior Product Manager: $110000 to $125000/yr
    • Customer Care Specialist: $30000 to $35000/yr

    The exact salary depends on several factors such as the candidate’s level of experience and level of education.

    First Financial Bank Employee Benefits Package

    First Financial bank believes that investing in the welfare of their employees is one of their greatest assets for success. All their employees enjoy medical benefits from top health practitioners such as Anthem and Delta Dental. Other benefits include a PTO donation fund to help those in need, tuition fees reimbursement for all associates, parental leave, exclusive access to Dave Ramsey’s Smart Dollar initiative, adoption assistance, paid vacation, 401K, & a pension plan fully funded by First Financial Bank.

    First Financial Bank Open Job Positions

    Some of the open job positions you can fill right now include Relationship Banker, IT Senior Auditor, Business Banker, Sales Support Coordinator, Project Manager, Solutions Architect, Mortgage Loan Originator, Contact Center Representative, Commercial Loan Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Accountant.

    First Financial Bank Minimum Salary

    Following the reduction of corporate taxes in January 2018, First Financial Bank had a big announcement to make. They would increase the starting wage for all new and existing associates to $15/hr effective immediately.

    Does First Financial Bank carry out a Drug Test?

    Yes. The drug test involves checking for traces of drugs such as Marijuana, with exclusions to other substances such as Nicotine.


    And there you have it. Everything you need to know about the First Financial Bank Job Application process!