Hollister Job Application- Become part of a fashion revolution!

    If your dream is to work in one of the largest fashion stores in the world, you should definitely check out Hollister job application. Hollister, headquartered in New Albany OH, is renowned worldwide for creating awesome clothes for the global millennial consumer. Inspired by the laidback SoCal lifestyle, the Abercrombie & Fitch subsidiary competes with other major designers such as Victoria’s Secret, forever 21, and Tommy Hilfiger.

    Is Hollister a girl brand? Does Hollister sell Children’s clothes?

    Hollister Job Application

    Hollister focuses its attention on the global millennial market (ages 14-18) regardless of the sex. It has been acclaimed from time to time by popular fashion journals and magazines to be the best source of teen fashion lines as well as collections.

    Hollister job application

    Due to the fine touch of Hollister fashion releases, counterfeiters are a common thing. Even when you are looking for a job, it’s possible to come across fake websites that include Hollister in their domain name. Whatever your business is with Hollister, it’s always advisable to go through HollisterCo.com This way, you will be directed to any of their authorized worldwide outlets.

    Hollister is committed to increasing the number of associates across the company. Most importantly, they promote diversity throughout the workforce by being an equal employer regardless of gender, race, and ethnicity.

    How to apply for a job at Hollister

    Most Hollister job applications are done online. Here is the procedure:

    • Visit their careers page.
    • Choose your language
    • Choose your preferred country
    • Choose a state/mall to find the exact store. click on the preferred store
    • Agree to the privacy statement and proceed to the application

    Hollister online job application takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You must, however, be fast in filling it out because the maximum allotted time for each user is 45 minutes. Details to be filled out in the job application include the job you are applying for, phone number, address, email address, age confirmation, date, availability, employment history, education background, and whether or not you have been employed by Abercrombie, Gilly Hicks or Ruehl before.

    How old do you have to be to work at Hollister

    Because of its target market population, Hollister prefers to work with young people. The minimum age requirement is 17 years.

    Other Hollister job requirements

    The following are other Hollister Job Application requirements:

    • E-verification

    Federal rules require the company to verify each employee’s identity as well as the capacity and eligibility to work. For US workers, Hollister will forward the Social Security Number to Social Security Administration for confirmation.

    • Verification of employment history

    Hollister verifies all referee data provided by the candidate.

    • Medical examination

    Hollister may request for pre or post-employment medical examination to check your fitness to perform the assigned duties.

    • Hollister dress code

    Employees must well-groomed, not wear headwear or excessive jewelry, not have visible piercings except for the earlobes,  not display huge tattoos on the neck or face, not wear excessive makeup, and not wear clothes that display competitor logos.

    • General requirements

    Hollister expects all their employees to be friendly, energetic, positive, comfortable, professional, and respectful when answering customer questions. Every employee must be at work on time and be ready to complete the assigned shift.

    Hollister job positions

    Brand representative

    Brand representatives project the brand’s image by always relating well with customers and by ensuring that presentation standards are adhered to. Availability is usually one night per weekend (either Friday or Saturday).

    Key holder

    A key holder is the head of the business and is actively involved in driving exceptional customer experience. He/she drives a team of associates in daily operations while still primarily focused on customer experience.

    Manager in training

    A manager in training is a 90-day program aimed at training future store managers. All successful candidates stand a chance to be promoted to an assistant manager position.

    Stock associate

    The stock associate is responsible for the scanning and organization of goods in the stock room. Daily duties for the job include processing merchandise, preparation of merchandise, placement, detailing, and ensuring that the presentation standards of the stockroom are met at all times.

     How do you apply to become a Hollister model

    Hollister is always looking for brand representatives. The good thing with this job position is that freshers in the job market can also apply. Your work as a Hollister model will lean more towards sales. Daily duties for this position include welcoming customers to the store, clearing orders, tagging clothes, and answering customer questions.

    What are you waiting for? Fill out the Hollister job application now!