PeopleReady Job Application Process

    For 20+ years, PeopleReady has been a reputable staffing solutions specialist, providing thousands of businesses with a reliable workforce when they need it most. If you are a job seeker, this on-demand staffing space is one of the best places to find a job easily and fast.

    What Kind Of A Company is PeopleReady?

    PeopleReady is a staffing solutions provider with a network of over 600 branches across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They are experts at matching job seekers to job vacancies, delivering just what different industries such as marine, transportation, and hospitality need.

    PeopleReady Job Application

    Are PeopleReady and Labor Ready Different?

    Labor Ready went public in 1995. It then changed its name to TrueBlue in 2007 but still uses LaborReady as its go-to labor line.

    How do you apply for a Job at PeopleReady?

    You can apply for a job position at PeopleReady through a recruiter, the JobStack app, or online. If the company is interested in you, you will be summoned by the branch manager for a 45-minute interview. At the end of the interview, it will be pretty clear where you stand because he/she will let you know whether you should be expecting a call.

    What Kind of Jobs does PeopleReady have?

    Here are the most common job positions that PeopleReady can connect you to:

    >Apprentice Carpenter>Rack Installers>Construction Laborers
    >DMV Title Clerk>Warehouse Packaging Lead>Truck Loader
    >Greeter>Flagger>House Keeper
    >Plumber Helper>Warehouse Associate>Catering Associate
    >Clean Up Crew Supervisor>Conveyer Line Packer>Fire Sprinkler Fitter
    >Landscaper>Dispatcher>Marine Structural Welder
    >Marine Painter>Marine Electrician>Solar Electrician
    >Production Worker>Flagger>Dishwasher

    PeopleReady Interview Questions

    The following are some of the most common interview questions at PeopleReady:

    • What do you specialize in?
    • What are your goals?
    • What kind of work are you looking for?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Where have you worked before?
    • What kind of power tools and hand tools have you used before?
    • Give an example when a client had unrealistic expectations. How did you handle that?

    In addition to these questions, you can expect lots of behavioral questions. The best way to answer the interview questions at PeopleReady is with uttermost honesty. Believe us when we tell you that lying or exaggerating will do more harm than good.

    Does PeopleReady Pay You Daily?

    Yes. PeopleReady can find job opportunities for job hopefuls daily, and see to it that they are paid the same day. However, the majority of the jobs pay weekly.

    Does PeopleReady Pay Overtime?

    Yes. PeopleReady and the Client Company will let you know about overtime opportunities and remunerate you accordingly.

    Does PeopleReady Pay on Sunday?

    Regardless of the day, all the employees get paid as soon as the employer submits the worked hours-ticket to PeopleReady. The payment is credited to the employee’s bank not more than an hour after the submission.

    What are the Benefits of Working at PeopleReady?

    The following are the unique benefits of working at PeopleReady:

    ·         WorkUp Program

    This program provides free training to the associates to help them acquire new skills and get a higher ranking job for a better income.

    ·         Technology

    PeopleReady is one of the most technology-advanced staffing solution experts you can find out there.

    ·         Flexibility in working hours

    The company can offer both dayshift and nightshift jobs 24/7.

    ·         Health Benefits

    Your employee health benefits will be revealed upon hire.

    What are the Disadvantages of PeopleReady?

    Here are some of the possible cons of PeopleReady:

    ·         Unsecure jobs

    The company does not guarantee jobs in all seasons.

    ·         Limited freedom

    The possibilities are that you will not be allocated another job if you turn down one for whatever reason.

    ·         It’s not so easy to get a job

    The company will use an undisclosed criterion to select the candidate for a job slot, completely disadvantaging those who have been waiting in line for a job position to come up.

    ·         Challenges with commuting to work

    Because of the unpredictability of the job location, you might find it hard to commute to the job station, especially when you do not own your car.

    Does PeopleReady do a Drug Test?

    Yes. PeopleReady carries out a drug test on each job hopeful before hiring. They will also run a background check.

    PeopleReady Job Locations

    The PeopleReady Company is headquartered in Tacoma WA. All their job locations can be found on their locations guide page.

    What is the legal age to work for PeopleReady?

    You must be 18 years of age to work for PeopleReady.

    PeopleReady Corporate Careers

    This category of jobs caters to those who want to join the PeopleReady team as they help provide ace staffing solutions to other businesses. All the current job listings can be found here. If you find a job that interests you, just click on it to see the job details. If you want to apply, just click the “apply now” button to proceed to the application portal. You should hear back from the recruiters within 2 months if you are successful.

    How much do PeopleReady Jobs Pay?

    Here are the salaries for some of the most popular job positions at PeopleReady:

    PeopleReady Careers & JobsPeopleReady Salaries
    >Construction Worker$15/hr
    >Warehouse Worker$17/hr
    >Material Handler$13/hr


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