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    Giant Eagle ApplicationGiant Eagle Application – Giant Eagle Employment

    Giant Eagle is a staple in Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and starting to move out. Many of their stores are independently operated, which means that you will have a unique opportunity every time you fill out a Giant Eagle online application. You have a lot of opportunity to move between stores and move up the ladder at this chain, which is ideal for those who are looking to make a career out of a first-time job with the company.

    Giant Eagle Job Application Online

    You can find a Giant Eagle employment application on the company’s official website. Just click on the Careers tab that is on the Menu at the bottom of every page. If there are any openings in your area, they will be listed for you to review.

    Giant Eagle Careers and Income

    You need to be at least sixteen years old to complete a Giant Eagle application online form. Most positions are at the entry-level, which include meat cutters, stock clerks, GetGo gas station attendants, deli or bakery positions. There are a few professional jobs that you can apply for, but these have more specific requirements that you will need to take note of before you apply. Each location will have its own needs based on their setup, so you will need to look into what is available in your area before you apply. Cashiers start at $10 per hour. Team leaders begin at $14 an hour. And managers can make $35,000 to $80,000 annually depending on their location.

    Apply at Giant Eagle – Basic Advice

    A Giant Eagle application form will only be available on the company’s official webpage if a position is available in your area, so you will need to check back regularly if you are set on applying for a certain type of job. When filling out your Giant Eagle job application form, make a point of discussing any other experience you have working with food such as time spent working in a restaurant. This will make it much easier to find a place where you will be most helpful. Those who already have experience with the type of tasks needed can often skip a great deal of the training, which is necessary for new employees, and this will allow you to move on to a leadership role more quickly.

    Apply at Giant Eagle – Advanced Tips

    Some leadership positions, such as team managers, require a high school diploma, so be sure to note this on your Giant Eagle application. Managers will be required to have a college diploma in many locations, so you will also need to make note of this on your Giant Eagle application online. In many cases, you will get a salary increase if you have more education. Senior managers will also be required to train new employees and manage cleanliness throughout the store, so any experience you have in these categories will be helpful in getting the job. Some positions also require expertise in loss prevention, recruitment, or custom orders management.

    Giant Eagle Benefits

    There are a few benefits you will learn about when you fill out your Giant Eagle application. All employees are eligible for benefits, which include paternity leave, 401(k) reimbursement plans, tuition reimbursement, and medical, vision, and dental insurance. You can also learn more about pension plans, disability coverage, and paid time off when you fill out your Giant Eagle job application. Some of these benefits, like insurance, are not available to part-time employees, but these individuals can still be eligible for advancement within the company and can set flexible hours if they have another job or school responsibilities.

    Things to Know About Giant Eagle

    When you fill out a Giant Eagle application, it is helpful to know about their business practices before you come in for an interview. This company prides itself on being a unionized store, many locations having individual operations. You will need to learn how the location in your area prefers to do things in order to transition successfully into a position. Because this company is working on expanding its locations, there are plenty of additional Giant Eagle careers growing every day. Getting a feel for where these stores plan to move next can get you in on the next opening, allowing you to increase your salary or move up in the ranks.

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