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    Staples are a leading office supply chain that boasts of a presence in 26 countries. There are over 2000 Staples stores in the world and you will find them in the U.S, Australia, Austria, China, Brazil, Italy, the UK and Germany just to mention a few. The U.S Company is based in Massachusetts. Staples stores sell items such as furniture, office machines, office supplies and promotional products amongst other products and services. Staples growth is phenomenal considering the company was first established in 1986, the Fortune 500 company has indeed come a long way in a few decades and you can be a part of their success team by submitting a Staples application through their careers site.

    Staples Job Application Online

    Staples job application is conducted online which makes the process uncomplicated. Search through the vacancies online and click on the position you wish to apply for to access the Staples application online form. You can find the careers page by clicking on ‘careers in the home page or simply going directly to the job site

    Staples Careers And Income

    Staples Careers And Income – Management and Executive Level

    Staples career opportunities are vast and you can fill a Staples application for part time or full time positions. You can pursue management roles in administration, customer service/contact centers, warehouse/distribution, human resources, information technology, finance and creative functions. The company employs a huge workforce and we can guarantee that at any given time there are positions looking to be filled by professionals just like you.

    Different managerial roles come with their different pay packages and below we have a breakdown on the average annual pay your Staples application could see you earn.

    • Sales manager: $47,000
    • General store manager: $65,000
    • Assistant manager: $46,000

    Apply At Staples – Basic Advice

    The first thing you need to do is make your way to the Staples careers page where you will create an account with the site. This seems to be the norm these days and it makes it easier for you to manage your Staples on application.

    Log into your account and proceed to look for positions you can apply for. Thanks to this account system, you can monitor your applications by accessing the tab called ‘my jobpage’. Here you can look at the completed submissions and have a look at your submission status as well to see if you have updates or if there is additional information regarding the position.

    Apply At Staples – Advanced Tips

    Before submitting your Staples employment application, always ensure that you have a look at the job description. Staples does not compromise and they will not consider your application if it appears to be poorly filled without paying attention to detail.

    The good news is that the Staples application online is simple to follow through. The company believes in simplicity and you will see this with their application form.

    Makes sure that you include information that makes you emerge as a highly qualified person and this could be educational information such as your qualifications, previous work experience and much more.

    We recommend that you submit professional references with your Staples job application form. This could be former employers or your previous supervisors as opposed to personal preferences.

    Staples Benefits

    Staples proved a great place to work. The working environment is friendly and they always encourage their employees to have a healthy work-life balance. Below are some of the benefits you could enjoy if your Staples application form is successful.

    • Competitive pay
    • Comprehensive health insurance with vision and dental plans
    • 401(k) retirement savings
    • Employee stock purchase plan
    • Entertainment and shopping discounts
    • Employee training at Staples University

    To be eligible for most of these benefits, you need to work for 20 hours a week, at the very least.

    Things To Know About Staples

    Staples sell office supplies, machines, promotional & technology products, furniture and they also offer both online and in-store business services.

    The first Staples store was opened in 1986 in Massachusetts where it is still based. Initially the company was in Brighton and is now in Framingham.

    There are Staples stores in about 26 countries and these include the U.S where the company is based, Canada, Australia, China, the U.K and other countries.

    Staples become a Fortune 500 member in 1996 only a decade into existence.

    Staples is actively involved in community matters trough the Staples Foundation for Learning which supports education and youth groups. The Staples Foundation for Learning was established in 2002.

    Send in your application for Staples today.

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