Walmart Distribution Center Jobs

    If you are job seeker able to move quick- conducting general repairs or conveying packages in a facility occupying more than a million square feet, Walmart Distribution Center Jobs are just where you should look. The job category presents you with a wide range of job roles to choose from including Power Equipment Operator, Service Shop Repair Technician, Freight Handler, Area Manager, Maintenance Technician, and Service Shop Preventative Maintenance Technician.

    Walmart Distribution Center Careers

    Walmart Distribution Center Jobs

    The different job roles at Walmart Distribution Centers present hundreds of unique Walmart Distribution Center Jobs. Some of the Walmart Distribution Center job positions you can apply for now include General Transportation Handler, Maintenance Technician, RX_Replenishment Driver, Human Resource Manager, Freight Handler, Talent Operations Coordinator, Operations Manager, Area Manager-Floor (Grocery), Service Shop Repair Tech, Optical Lab General Maintenance, and Systems Operator.

    How do I apply for Walmart Distribution Center Jobs?

    You can drop your Walmart job application in person at any Walmart outlet but as usual, doing the application online is easier. To see the available job positions, just visit Walmart’s Distribution center jobs careers page and click “see all openings”. From here, you can choose the Walmart brand you want to work for, the type of employment you want to partake (Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, and Internship) and the rate (monthly salary/hourly). If a job position interests you, just click on it to see the job description. Starting the application process is as easy as clicking the blue “apply” button.

    What companies does Walmart own?

    With its subsidiaries, Walmart has managed to employ nearly 3 million associates globally. The major companies owned by Walmart include Sam’s Club, Walmart Labs, Vudu,, Hayneedle, Moosejaw, and Bare Necessities.

    What do I wear to a Walmart distribution center interview?

    A business casual outfit will always make a good impression. Classy, elegant, and decent is the way to go. A suit will obviously be too much for a typical distribution center job (loading & offloading) but it could work if you are interviewing for a supervisory position.

    Walmart distribution center jobs interview questions

    When it comes to Walmart distribution center jobs, you should be ready to answer all sorts of interview questions. Some of the most commonly asked questions include:

    • What do you know about Walmart?
    • What are your strengths and weaknesses? What steps are you taking to overcome the latter?
    • Why did you apply for this job position?
    • Are you better off working individually or in a team?

    Walmart Distribution center pay

    The average hourly pay at Walmart Distribution centers is $17 with the lowest and highest earners taking home $12/hr and $22/hr respectively. Here are the salaries for some of the popular Walmart distribution center jobs:

    Walmart distribution center careersSalary
    Maintenance Mechanic>$27-$30/hr
    Fork-lift Driver>$12-$24/hr
    Warehouse Associates>$11-$23/hr
    Walmart Loader>$11-$22/hr
    Walmart Order Filler>$19/hr
    Walmart Truck Driver Salary>$49000-$107000/yr

    The exact salary depends on the level of experience, professional qualifications, as well as other factors such as the location.

    Types of Walmart Distribution Center Facilities

    Walmart Distribution center facilities fall into 8 major categories. These are:

    • Perishables/Groceries Distribution Centers
    • General Merchandise Distribution Centers
    • Fashion Distribution Centers
    • E-commerce Centers
    • Redistribution Centers
    • Sam’s Club Distribution Centers
    • Center Points
    • Specialty Centers

    How many Distribution Centers does Walmart have?

    In general, we have identified nearly 200 Walmart Distribution Centers within the United States totaling approximately 130 million square feet. We also found out that Walmart operates a total of 42 general merchandise distribution centers in the US totaling approximately 50 million feet. Some of the popular Walmart distribution center locations include Houston (Texas), Baytown (Texas), Smyrna (Delaware), Hermiston (Oregon), Cullman (Alabama), Raymond (New Hampshire), and Marcy (NY).

    *Fun fact: If all Walmart Distribution Centers were to be air-lifted to Manhattan Island (22.7 square miles), they would occupy nearly 20% of the surface area.

    Does Walmart Distribution Centers hire felons?

    Although there are some exceptions, Walmart does hire felons. Felons with serious convictions such as those related to theft and murder will have a much harder time finding employment at Walmart and with any other employer. Walmart evaluates a 7-10 year criminal history and will accept to hire felons based on several factors such as the state you live in, the skills & experience you have, and how long ago the felony was committed.

    Does Walmart Drug test for Distribution center jobs?

    Yes. In addition to a thorough background check, Walmart still does a drug test.

    How old do you have to be to work at a Walmart Distribution Center?

    As a minimum age requirement, virtually all Walmart distribution centers require you to be at least 16 years old. Of course, this age requirement varies with location and the job position.

    Do Walmart Distribution Center employees get a discount?

    Walmart provides up to 6% bonus after one year on the job. Walmart distribution center jobs also qualify associates for the associate discount card that offers 10% off the price on regularly priced general merchandise.