Walmart Part-Time Jobs—Stepping Stone to top Careers

    Walmart converts nearly 2000 employees from Walmart part-time jobs to full-time, permanent job positions each year. According to Walmart company facts, 75% of the personnel in store management joined the organization as part-time workers. It is for this reason you should check out these jobs if you have been eyeing a full-time career at Walmart or if you have applied for a full-time position before without success. Want to know everything about Walmart part-time jobs? This is the perfect read for you!

    Can you work part-time at Walmart?

    This is a question that still troubles many people to date. But the answer to it is definitely yes. Thousands of people rely on Walmart part-time jobs for their livelihood.

    Walmart Part-Time Jobs

    According to Becky Schmitt, Senior VP of HR at Sam’s Club (Walmart Subsidiary), Walmart functions as a cornerstone for the community at large through the jobs and the services it offers. Things are set to be even better because, as of recently, Walmart has been spiking starting wages and expanding other benefits such as family leave to match those of leading employers. A minimum starting wage of $11/hr has already taken effect in virtually all stores- averaging out to an estimated annual salary of $20000 for part-time employees.

    How many hours do you get working part-time at Walmart?

    Normal working hours at Walmart are 8 per day (8 am to 5 pm). Part-time jobs, on the other hand, depend on one’s availability. They can be available during weekdays (4-5hrs a day), weekends, or night (anywhere between 5 pm to 7 am)—typically 8-32 hours a week.

    Can I apply for Walmart Part-time Jobs in person?

    Walmart is a job industry giant offering probably the largest collection of job opportunities worldwide. The company is not limited in terms of the resources required to support any department ranging from technology to retail & finance. Even so, Walmart still recognizes individual talent and is always on the hunt for the best of the best out there.

    The easiest way to find part-time jobs is to visit the Walmart official careers page and search the keyword “part-time” using the search button. You can also click on any of the job categories, click “see all openings” and then select “Part-Time” under Employment Type. This will load out the open part-time positions at the moment. If a certain job position interests you, just click on it to see the application details. If you meet the requirements, just click on the blue “apply” button to start the application process. If you are eager to start the job immediately, you can visit any of the outlets to submit the Walmart job application in person.

    How long does it take to get hired at Walmart?

    Successful hires at Walmart take anywhere between 1-5 weeks. The exact duration depends on the job applied for and perhaps, the location. If you apply online for a part-time position online, for instance, it will take 1-3 weeks for the job recruiters to contact you for an interview. After passing all interviews, you might then be required to wait for another 1-3 weeks as they carry out a background check, after which you will be summoned for orientation.

    Does Walmart drug test part-time employees?

    Yes, a drug test is mandatory for every employee at Walmart.

    Can you work at Walmart at 17?

    Although it depends on the job position, the minimum age requirement for most jobs at Walmart (especially part-time jobs) is 16 years old.

    If you are a part-time worker at Walmart, do you get paid weekly or bi-weekly?

    If you are working part-time at Walmart, you get paid bi-weekly.

    Can you apply for a part-time job at Walmart without a degree?

    In May this year, Walmart announced that it would sponsor both their part-time and full-time employees through a program that would earn them a bachelor’s or associates degree in Supply Chain Management and/or Business. According to those spearheading the initiative, those participating in the program will only be required to contribute as little as $1 per day.  This means that you can apply for a job at Walmart without a degree and earn a degree while on the job!

    Walmart part-time jobs interview

    No matter the position applied for, every organization wants to know that the job hopefuls have done thorough research about the organization before the interview. It is, therefore, extremely important for you to do some homework even when interviewing for a part-time job at Walmart. Take some time to go through their official site and read about their vision, mission, their efforts, and commitments. Being able to talk about these in your application and during the actual interview is an effective way of demonstrating that you are highly interested in a position here.

    Does Walmart give Part-Time benefits?

    Although you might not be eligible for some of the benefits such as paid holiday as a part-time worker, you are eligible for other benefits such as health benefits and quarterly bonuses based on performance. This year alone, part-time associates at Walmart took home $800 million in bonuses. All part-time employees are, however, eligible for all the employee benefits upon transitioning from Walmart part-time jobs to full-time positions.