What Does a Job Application Look Like in 2021?

    The world moves at such a fast pace these days, that it is vitally important to stay up to date with developments on what does a job application look like. From technological advancements to changes in the way tasks are completed, job applications are certainly no different.

    Skill requirements are always changing, and that means that recruiters are always looking for adaptable new staff, those who are flexible and stay up to date with any changes or developments in their particular field. Of course, the ability to learn is always something you need to mention, to show that you are not someone who stays still or static when it comes to their personal or job development.

    What Does a Job Application Look Like in 2021?

    A job application these days look vastly different to what it did ten years ago. The biggest difference is the way we apply for a job. Once upon a time this used to be printing our a resume or CV and taking it to the store/office/restaurant and handing it in for perusal. Another option was to call into the workplace, ask for an application form, fill it in manually and then return it. We found job applications in newspapers or trade magazines, or perhaps via word of mouth. These days, it’s all about the Internet.

    From online best job boards to social media listings, we find jobs by checking our smartphone, tablet or laptop, and we apply exactly the same way. There is no need to pick up a pen, and no need to walk anywhere – you can do it all from the comfort of your arm chair at home, you don’t even have to get properly dressed if you don’t want to!

    Of course, what we put into a job application is ever changing, as skills and requirements are constantly shifting. So, what does a job application look like in this current technological age?

     Job Application guideEverything in Job Application is Technological

    We just mentioned that finding and applying for a job is all done via the Internet, but why is this important? It isn’t just about ease of use, and cutting out the amount of paper we use, it’s about displaying your computer skills. If you can make full use of the job recruitment website, and ensure that you not only spell everything correctly, but you attach the right documents when you are asked to, you are showing that you are technologically adept. Tech skills are vital these days.

    There is often still the possibility to fill in a manual application form, but this is really putting yourself at a disadvantage before you even start.

    Skype/Video Calling Interviews are Becoming More Common

    Whilst it is still very much the norm to go to an in person interview, video interviews are also becoming more and more commonplace. For instance, if you are on holiday at the time of interview, you no longer necessarily have to come back early or give up on the chance, because you can be interviewed via Skype, subject to the discretion of the employer. Of course, you should approach this in exactly the same way as an in person interview. So ensure you are well dressed, and that you are in a place that looks professional, e.g. not sat on your bed.

    Remember to Mention the Following Skills

    Nowadays, the following skills and qualities that needs to be mentioned for the job application are:

    • Communication skills
    • Confidentiality
    • Team working
    • Quick learner
    • Ability to thrive under pressure
    • Conflict management skills
    • Cash handling experience
    • The desire to learn through further training
    • Customer service skills
    • Appearance and the importance of first impressions

    Cover Letters and CVs/Resumes Are Not Always Required for Job Application

    Most of the time nowadays, if you attach a resume or a CV to a job application, it will not be read. This is a waste of your time and it shows that you didn’t read the instructions properly. Of course, if the application doesn’t mention anything, you are welcome to do so.

    It’s More About What You Don’t Say, Than What You do Say


    Because an application these days are predominantly going to be done online, recruiters are examining you in many different ways, which would not have been evident before. If you leave out any sections on the online form, it looks like you couldn’t use the computer properly; if you don’t attach something when you were asked to, it looks like you aren’t sure how to attach things.

    Similarly, a lot of reading between the lines is going on, and recruiters are working against a points system. If you mention a key word that is on their check list, you get a point and so on. If you don’t mention it? You don’t get a point and you may miss out on an interview slot.

    Overall, the main difference between applications these days and a few years ago is all about the use of computers. We would never have dreamed of looking on Facebook for a job a few years ago, but now it’s all about being social media savvy.

    Similarly, we should all be wary of the way we are showing ourselves to the world through our social media accounts. It isn’t unusual for recruiters to check on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to vet potential employees before making a final decision. For that reason, if you are actively looking for a new job, make sure that your profile is not only private, but also your profile picture is a quality one, i.e. not an image of you drunk or doing something similarly outrageous!