What is the Easiest Fast Food Restaurant to Work At?

    Apparently, you’ve been looking for the easiest fast food restaurant to work at. You’re at the right the place as that is exactly what this post is about.

    Choosing the easiest fast food restaurant to eat may not be all that hard. You can always count on past personal experience or that of friends to decide which fast food you’re eating at.
    But it’s a different ball game when it comes to deciding the easiest fast food to work. You probably haven’t worked in any before, and same for your friends.

    Now, looking at this title, two things would come to mind. One is the ease of getting the job and second is the ease of working in these fast food restaurants (pay, working condition and so on).

    We would touch briefly on the former but focus mostly on the latter. So, let’s get to it.

    Here are best paying fast food jobs, you can try –

    What is the Easiest Fast Food Restaurant to Work At

    5 Easiest Fast Food Restaurants to Work AT

    KFC – “A Good Place to Work”

    KFC is up there as one of the easiest fast food restaurants to work at because it tries to provide convenient working place for its employees. Now, that’s something any employee would love, including you.

    Some of the previous and current employees of KFC have attested to this in their reviews on Indeed.

    And getting a job at KFC is pretty straightforward too. Simply walk into any store and get an application paper from the counter. You can start work as early as the next day after submitting application or within the same week.

    KFC’s average hourly pay is between the range of about $7.25 per hour for Lobby Attendant and $15.49 per hour for General Manager.

    In-N-Out Burger – “Great Managers and Coworkers”

    Managers and coworkers play a significant role in determining the ease of working anywhere. This is one of the standout advantages of working at In-N-Out Burger.

    There is flexibility with scheduling, especially for students, and coworkers are always willing to cover up for you when you have genuine reasons to be unavailable.

    Working in this fast food restaurant also means you don’t have to bother about lunch as you get free fries and burger for lunch.
    The fast food restaurant is up there as one of the few who genuinely care about their employees and that translates to a good working condition.

    Application to In-N-Out Burger can be done online or just walk into one of its branches and pick up one.

    On the average, In-N-Out Burger hourly pay is between the range of about $11.08 per hour for Order Taker and $22.36 per hour for Data Entry Clerk.

    McDonald’s – “Productive and Awesome Place to Work”

    One of the things we all want on a job is personal growth and development, and that’s something you get working at McDonald’s. Aside the conducive working environment, you also learn customer relationship, a skill you will need in any work of life.

    Also, you have coworkers and managers who are committed to your success and always willing to help.

    The 35,000 different locations of McDonald’s across the world can get very busy most times and that’s a good thing for you. That way, you are learning how to work in a fast pace environment; a skill most employers are looking out for.

    McDonald’s Application is usually online or just walk into a McDonald’s store and ask an attendant for it.

    McDonald’s average hourly pay ranges from about $8.22 per hour for Presenter and $17.12 per hour for Hospitality Team Member.

    Burger King – “Flexible Hours and Friendly Coworkers”

    Burger King boasts of attending to 11 million guests every day around the world. That’s a lot and goes to show the quality of service they render. But how do they treat their employees and is it a place you should consider working at?

    The role of coworkers in making work easy cannot be overemphasized. Nice and friendly coworkers make work fun and also assist when you need them to. That’s one of the things you get working at Burger King.

    Also, who doesn’t like a flexible job? The management at Burger King have a flexible schedule for their employees. With this you can effectively plan your day and attend to other things you need to do.

    In the words of a former staff, “Burger King treat their employees like family”. That’s an important point to note.

    On the average, Burger King hourly pay is between the range of about $8.40 per hour for Grill Cook and $17.97 per hour for Service Technician.

    Chipotle Mexican Grill – “I Learned a lot!”

    Not all fast food restaurants guarantee the opportunity to pick skills and lessons on the job. That’s one thing that stands Chipotle Mexican Grill out.

    Working at Chipotle Mexican Grill there affords you the opportunity to learn a great deal, including learning recipes and customer management.

    Chipotle Mexican Grill’s average hourly pay is between the range of approximately $10.46 per hour for Dining Room Supervisor and $18.44 per hour for Barista.

    There you have fast the food restaurants with nice working conditions. The choice is yours at the end of the day, depending on what you want in a place of work. But these 5 are the easiest fast food restaurants to work at, so feel free to choose from here.